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How do I hang my hammock in my living room?


How do I hang my hammock in my living room?

MY friend has bought me a beautiful hammock which I would like to hang in my house. I do not have an outside or a balcony so it is going in my living room.  What should I use to attach the hammock to my walls? They are concrete walls. The hammock is a double and therefore will need to hold maybe 150kg at most. Please help. Thank you

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Re: How Do I hang My Hammock In My Living Room

Hello @outonaboat


Placing all that weight on a single point might be too much for the wall itself. I suggest spreading the weight on a piece of timber and placing the hook onto the timber itself. I recommend drilling the centre of a 1/2 meter 140 x 45 timber piece and attaching the Zenith M10 x 125 x 25mm Galvanised Eye Bolt. Make sure to countersink the nut so that you can lay the timber flat on the wall. Use Loctite 243 10ml Adhesive Threadlocker so that the eye bolt will not unscrew itself. 


I suggest using 1/2 meter of 140 x 45mm Framing MGP10 Untreated Pine on each side of the wall. Secure each corner of the timber onto the wall with Ramset M12 x 160mm Chemset Anchor Stud Galvanised - 10 Pack in combination with Ramset 300ml Chemset UltraFix Plus. Please pre-drill the position of the anchor studs on the wood and wall before permanently fixing it in place. 


Allow the Chemset to properly cure before fixing the timber tightly to the wall. As an alternative, you can use the Two Trees Universal Hammock Frame. It has a weight capacity of 200kg thus meeting your weight requirements. It is mobile and can be wheeled out of the way if needed. It can be used outside but must not be left outside in bad weather.


Let me tag our experienced members @TedBear and @Adam_W for their recommendations.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.





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Re: How Do I hang My Hammock In My Living Room

Hi @outonaboat  - please follow @EricL 's advice and definitely do not put the eye bolts directly into the wall.

It is a common mistake to assume that the load on an item that we interact with (hammocks, punching bags, basketball hoops, etc)  is going to be just the weight.

The weight is it's static load, but once we interact with it, it is also subject to a dynamic load too - which will, in your case, come from people getting into, out of and moving around on the hammock.  These loads will pull on the eye bolt and its attachment to whatever it's attached to.

Brick work and cement are not good at holding onto anything that moves; they break away at the point of attachment instead.

The benefit of putting the eye bolt into timber is that it attaches by fibres wrapping around the threads and will flex and recover when the eye bolt gets pulled on outwards or sideways. That will absorb much of the dynamic load and also enables you to attach the timber at 4 points, so the already softened load into brick or cement will be only a quarter of what it would be if just one eye bolt was used.

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