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How to build a TV accent wall with flushed electric fireplace?

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How to build a TV accent wall with flushed electric fireplace?

Hello. I'm looking to do a DIY project for my TV wall. The idea would be to create a wall with mounted TV and a flushed electric fireplace. Picture attached as an idea. 


I dont have any experiences with DIY but would keen to try. 



1. Type of wood

2. How do you flush the base with our floorings? 


Any other tips welcomed.


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to build a TV accent wall with flushed electric fireplace?

Hi @NorIlyanaK,


Thank you for your question on building an accent wall to mount your tv and electric fireplace to.


The image you have shown would be difficult to replicate as a beginner D.I.Yer. I don't want to discourage you, because it is certainly achievable, however there would be quite a few considerations on the design and construction and a number of costly tools necessary to achieve the professional results seen.


To carry out this project, I'd suggest having a look at How To Build a Stud Wall and How To Plasterboard a Stud Wall for an idea of the basic method of construction and the tools required.


The frame should be built out of H2 framing pine and clad with a suitable plasterboard or fibre cement sheet. The choice of cladding would likely be mentioned in the electric fireplace's installation instructions. It may need to be a fire rated material such as Fyrchek, which can be ordered through the Special Orders desk at your local Bunnings store.

To create the recess in the wall, you will likely need to adjust your framing depending on the manufacturer's requirements, however it is likely that you'll require an LVL (engineered timber beam) to support the weight of the studs needed above the fireplace. See the below mock-up of the framing you would require creating this. I have made the LVLs red to differentiate them.



Your method of finishing the feature wall to the floor would be dependent on the type of flooring, but it is likely a skirting timber such as this 66 x 18mm 5.4m Moulding White Pine FJ Primed Bevelled would be used to conceal the gap between the sheeting and the flooring. You might like to check out How To Install Skirting Boards for some insight into this process.


As this is a considerable job, that would require understanding the spacing and ventilation requirements of the heater, the fire rating requirements, and framing that goes beyond the basics, it may be worth contacting a carpenter for assistance with this project.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask, I'd love to see this job get under way and help in any ways that I can.




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