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How to fix loose ceiling light fixture?

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How to fix loose ceiling light fixture?


Hi everyone, 


When I took it off , it's so tight as there were two springs on both sides.


But when I reattached it, it became so loose, don't know why the springs don't work again


Now I'm thinking to use a few drops no gap sealant to stick the fixture to the ceiling. But would the heat melt the sealant?


Thank you for any ideas..!








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Community Manager

Re: How to fix loose ceiling light fixture?

Hi @ivanptr,


Let me tag a couple of resident sparkies in @MikeTNZ and @bruce93 to see if they might like to share their thoughts on whether you could repair the fixture or it will need to be replaced.






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Re: How to fix loose ceiling light fixture?

Hi @ivanptr

I think what may have happened is this:

Either one of the springs has distorted and will not clamp, as in one side of the spring has come off the body of the light fitting.

Or the spring has broken (hard to understand why this would happen but I have seen them break before).

Is this an area of your roof space that you can see it from above, as in it isn't like a skillion roof?

If you could see it from above, you will more than likely see what is going on with the spring clips.

Bear in mind, them spring clips easily get mis-aligned, they are terrible.


Failing all of the above, I would probably replace the fitting, don't use sealant to stick light fittings to the ceiling, if you ever need to get that out again

you're going to wreck the plasterboard trying to get it out, when the paper seperates from the gypsum.





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