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How to hang 15KG mirrors on the wall?

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How to hang 15KG mirrors on the wall?

Hi guys, 

I have got this mirror:

Spec details say 12.5 KG but I would like to treat this as a 15kg mirror. 

I would like to hang this mirror in my entryway. I have to go to stud, haven't I?

What product is suitable for this?

Also, I use this stud finder:


I hardly get the right result. Hence, I usually drill the drywall with very thin drill bits and feel the resistance to identify the stud on another side. Any other way to do it?

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: hanging 15KG mirrors on the wall

Hi Sugar,


It is always best to hang from a solid structure like a stud. This does away with ever having to worry that the fixing in the plasterboard is strong enough. There is a variety of products to hang the mirror with and it depends on what type of fixing it has on the back.


It sounds like you might have either a calibration issue and/or a faulty stud finder. The process normally involves holding the stud finder on the wall and turning it on and/or holding a calibration button.


I trust you'll find these guides helpful: How To Install Wall Hooks and How To Calibrate Your Stud Finder


Please let me know if you need further information or had questions.




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