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How to install barn door properly in my space

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How to install barn door properly in my space


Hi I am looking to install a barn door in the space Above. Replacing the hinged door (infornt) as it currently opens outward and into the way of the bedroom door (right). I don't want to replace the hinged door to open inward and I think it would be a nice feature for the room.


I want the barn door to completely cover the doorway  skirting, so i will require a door 1000mm wide. It is also 2100 from ffl to the top of the skirting. so i am looking to use a door 2100mm tall but i have noticed that quite a lot of the barn doors for sale are 2150


I am looking to use the following track kit.

Lockwood 2m Outland Barn Door Track Hardware Kit - Bunnings Australia


The door will need to travel 1900mm as to stop before the light switch to the left and this will leave the door finishing flush with the internal of the doorway. this will only leave me with 100mm spare/ 50mm on each end of the track to  mount the stoppers? will this be enough to fix the stoppers to the track? Or do i need the 3000mm track?


The track specifies that it "Suits up to 1000mm wide timber doors 35-45mm thick and 80kg in weight"

I have looked at the instructions and seen that is has two different length m10 bolts for mounting the hangers to the door, 35-40mm thick and 40-35mm thick

Could you not just swap those bolts out with a shorter m10, set thread bolt to mount a thinner door?

for example : 2100 x 1000 x 25mm Internal Barn Door Rustic Wood Shaker - Bunnings Australia

 I Like the above door as i think it could be a nice stand out feature for the room with the rustic look

My only concern for going with the rustic look is that we have plans to fully replace the front door down the track and not going for something neutral now with the barn door could create a clash in the future.

Leading me to something more neutral like : Hume 2150 x 1000 x 35mm Internal Barn Door Frontier Ultimate FBDU4 - Bunnings Australia


Do the "Barn Doors" from Bunnings come with the groove in the bottom of the door for guide that is mounted to the floor?


With the barn door being installed infront of the 20mm skirting of the doorway, would a 20mm timber header need to be fitted against the plaster, across the top of the doorway to bring the barn door forwards and stop it fouling on the skirt?

something like Porta 92 x 18mm 2.7m Primed Pine DAR - Bunnings Australia



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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to install barn door properly in my space

Hello @woodsy42


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's delightful to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your question about installing a barn door.


I believe the Lockwood 2m Outland Barn Door Track Hardware Kit will be adequate for your needs. Since the barn door holder itself is adjustable the door can technically slide past the rail to open fully. You will have enough space for the stoppers. As far as using a lighter thinner door you most certainly can use the 2100 x 1000 x 25mm Internal Barn Door Rustic Wood Shaker - Bunnings Australia. I agree with your idea, you can certainly swap shorter M10 bolts to suit. 


Looking ahead with your planned upgrade it's worth thinking about the Hume 2150 x 1000 x 35mm Internal Barn Door Frontier Ultimate FBDU4. There is of course the option of just painting your rustic door to match your proposed new door in the future. Design and fashion are mercurial, I recommend choosing that which brings you joy. You always have the option of painting it.


The timber header might not be necessary as the rail holders do come forward quite a bit. Plus you're using a thinner door so it could possibly work without it. I recommend asking the special orders desk about the bottom guide centre cut when the time comes to purchase the door. 


If you have any other questions about your barn door project, please don't hesitate to post them.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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Re: How to install barn door properly in my space

Thankyou for the prompt reply.


Always good to have another set of eyes look over something.

I understand what you mean about the track. of course the hangers for the door are not located on the exterior of the door!!! There will be plenty of room


if i have any other issues i will follow up on this post 

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