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How to open up wall around door and up to ceiling?

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How to open up wall around door and up to ceiling?

Hi all,


I'm planning to convert an old walk-in wardrobe with a door into an open study nook. I want the study nook to feel like it's part of the room and open it up as much as possible for more light to come in.

So essentially I'd like to remove the door and a bit of wall on either side of it and also open it up all the way to the ceiling, so that the cornices just flow into the nook and back out. See photo below.


I wonder what the best way is to retain as much of the cornices and drywall of the bigger room, but still achieving clean corners. Should I make cuts exactly where I want the new corners to be, or do I need to take out more drywall?


I've never done any drywalling or installing cornices before, so any tips would be appreciated!



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Community Manager

Re: How to open up wall around door and up to ceiling?

Hi @itssimon,


 Apologies for the slow reply. I'm sure our resident Bunnings D.I.Y. experts will be keen to share their thoughts with you as soon as possible. 


In the meantime let me tag some other helpful Workshop members:

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to open up wall around door and up to ceiling

Hi @itssimon,


First, you'll need to have a professional check to see if the wall is load-bearing, as you might run into a lintel about the doorway if it is.


Once you remove the architrave and cut back the plasterboard, you will likely encounter timber studs on either side of your doorway, right where you want it opened up to. To resolve this, you must remove those studs and set them back further to the right and left. Unfortunately, those studs will have noggins between them and the net one over. On the left, it would be a squeeze to move it over at all. So, to achieve the very small alteration to the opening size, you'll likely have to remove a large section of plasterboard to expose the timberwork. It will be significant work and take you far more time than the cornices and subsequent drywall touch-ups. 


Keeping the doorway width and opening above it, then doing the cornice work, would be a far more achievable project than widening the doorway. Of course, anything is achievable, but I'd encourage you to consider the substantial work required for a minimal alteration.


Here are some helpful guides:






Please let me know if you have any questions.




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