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Ideas for a walk through wardrobe

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Ideas for a walk through wardrobe

Hi Guys. 

Just after some advice, ideas and drawings for our current warlk through wardrobe. I'll attach pictures but basically it's a hallway to our ensuite and on either side is storage space for clothes... It's not set up very well and due to the dimensions it's not very user friendly for off the shelf items...

I'm happy to custom make something but just after some ideas etc...

So it's 920mm Wide and 900mm deep on both sides and standard ceiling height of 2400mm.


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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Ideas for a walk through wardrobe

Hi @bruce93,


You might like to consider what options there are within the Flexi storage range which could improve the accessibility of the space. The Flexi Storage Small Bedroom Bundle might be a good place to start or you can use the individual products to construct a custom solution.


It would come down to what you want to achieve with the space and what were the biggest issues you faced with the current setup. Did you want places to stack folded items, space for shoes or a draw for socks? I see there is plenty of space for hanging clothes, but you might like to consider the Clever Cube range so there are some shelves for folded items too.


Let me mention @prettyliving to see if she might have some ideas on how to make the area more functional. She recently posted about her Cheap and simple shoe storage which could be utilised at the base of your wardrobe.


We look forward to seeing what you can accomplish with the project.




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Re: Ideas for a walk through wardrobe



Hi @bruce93 

We have a very similar wardrobe situation in our master, we are yet to reorganise it (it’s on the long project list) but here are some ideas that could work.. don’t mind the rough sketches but you could build some shelves underneath the current shelf, for all the non-hanging items and then leave some space at the bottom for shoes etc - you could even put some doors on it to make it look neater. Or another option you could build some shelves along one side? 
As far as making use of the depth of the wardrobe you could either find/make some deep drawers for it otherwise put your clothes in deep storage boxes on the shelves so that you can just slide them out when you need to get something from the back.



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