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Renovation of caravan into a bedroom

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Renovation of caravan into a bedroom



 I am renovating my caravan into a bedroom. I want to know if I can remove the black wheel shield inside the van and replace it with a piece of wood?


thank you in advance 



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Re: Renovation of caravan into a bedroom

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @judyann62. It's terrific to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


Let me mention our expert caravan restoration wizard @Peggers to see if he can provide some insight.


You might also like to investigate whether there are any rules and regulations which govern modifications and materials used in wheel shields. Since it might be considered a safety device an engineer certification might be required for modifications. 


In regards to using timber, I would imagine it would be fine as long as it was sufficiently strong/thick enough to withstand the rigours of stones and debris being thrown at it constantly. You'd want to paint the exterior with some type of water-proof paint as it will obviously see some weather. The wheel shield also provides protection to individuals inside the caravan whilst travelling so it would need to structurally sound.




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Re: Renovation of caravan into a bedroom

Hi Mitchell 

the caravan is stationary and my son-in-law has removed the wheels and cover. If and when the caravan needs to be moved they will be put back. He has put a metal plate down so it can just be unscrewed. I am not using the van for travel .


thank you for your advice it was really appreciated.



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