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Repairing old window frames/sills

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Repairing old window frames/sills


I need to repair some old interior window frames/sills. I’m planning on sanding them back a little. Then sealing with a clear matte sealer. What product would you recommend? 

Replacing the window is not an option. This is purely to give it a bit more life and a better appearance. 

I am very much a DIY novice!

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Re: Repairing old window frames/sills

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @HeadingEast. It's fantastic that you've joined us and many thanks for your question.


I can highly recommend Cabot's Clear Water-Based Cabothane Interior Varnish Matt. I've used it several times before and have always been happy with the results. You can apply it with a good quality brush, or I've achieved a very nice result using a UNi-PRO 4 Piece Foam Brush Set. The key is to hold the foam brush at a very shallow angle to the workpiece and drag it lightly across the surface.


180-grit sandpaper will probably be coarse enough to sand the timber back. You might like to pick up a cork sanding block to wrap the sandpaper around.


What was the issue with the windowsill? Was it the darker staining that you were looking to fix?


I look forward to following along with your project and seeing your finished results. Please let me know if you have any questions.




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Re: Repairing old window frames/sills

Hello @HeadingEast 


Welocme to Bunnings Workshop and thank you for sharing your query with us. I'm in agreement with @MitchellMc's recommendation for the product to use. But I also find this as a great excuse to buy a new tool! If you are sanding more than 1 window it would be convenient to have a detail sander such as the corded Ozito 200 watt detail sander. I prefer this starter tool as it comes with 20 free pads in the kit! You can pretty much sand all the windows in the house with this little unit. Not only that, if you ever decide to take the next step and refurbish small tables and chairs, that detail sander is perfect for the job. But if its just the one window then a nice sanding block ought to do the job neat. Please keep us informed of your progress so that our members will benefit from your experience!



Screenshot_2021-05-01 Ozito 200W Detail Sander(1).png

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Re: Repairing old window frames/sills

Thank you for your response. The windows were in bad shape when we moved in - I’m pretty sure it’s water damage from condensation. We sorted out the condensation issue but wood looks pretty ratty. Now I’m having to downsize I want to tidy up a few things myself rather than paying someone else to do it! 
Thanks again 😊

Re: Repairing old window frames/sills

Thanks! I should really do a few windows, so I think grabbing one of these sanders might be ideal. 

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