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Seek advice about privacy


Seek advice about privacy

Hello, guys. The windows of my front door and back door can be directly seen by people on the road, and my neighbors. To ensure privacy, I need a "blanket" or "Privacy Screen" (I'm not sure what it's called) that is easy to install and suitable for all weathers. can you please give me some recommendation of cheap options? Thx 


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Re: seek advice about privacy

We had a similar problem in a granny flat. We used window frosting film. You can get it from Bunnings or ebay.  It comes in all sorts of patterns personally I like the rice paper style it gives you light but obscures view both day and night. You simply cut it to size spray the window with water and squeeze out any air bubbles. It would need to go on the inside/ protected side of the window. If you go the tinted ones remember they give privacy to the side with least light ie great in the day nil at night. If you change your tastes they can always be removed. JDE

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Re: Seek advice about privacy

Hi @ARENDB2020,


Welcome to the Workshop community. We're pleased to have you join us. 


@JDE has given you some fantastic advice to consider using window film. I've popped a video below so you can see how easy it is to install. 


Feel free to post anytime you need a hand with any project around the house and garden. Our helpful community will always be happy to assist. 





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Re: Seek advice about privacy

We recently added some film to some louvre window panels in our second bathroom for extra privacy as the neighbours had just cut down all their trees. 


Very easy to apply and very effective - privacy without cutting down on light. 

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