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Separating Glass table top from metal legs

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Separating Glass table top from metal legs

I have an end table that was damaged during carpet cleaning.  The table top is glass but has metal legs.  I'm not exactly sure how the legs are attached as there's no visible attachments but I need to replace the glass and don't know how to remove the damaged piece from the legs.  I'm told they were most likely attached by some type of epoxy, that is not visible, and steamed but I am clueless.  Any ideas as I really need to replace the glass top?

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Re: Separating Glass table top from metal legs

Hi @Spoony,


Welcome to Workshop. We're pleased to have you join us and trust that you'll get loads of helpful information, advice and inspiration for your projects from our wonderful members. 


I know photographing glass is never easy, but could you share a few pictures so members can see the table? It always helps members provide more specific and helpful advice if they can see what you are working with.


Please let me know if you ever need a hand getting the most from the site.


Many thanks,




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