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Under stairs storage

Having an Impact

Under stairs storage

Had an full empty space under he stairs that I have no idea why it was closed. So decided to open it to create additional storage space. Most of the DIY tutorials are from Bunnings and Gyprock.


  • Plasterboard
  • plasterboard jointing compound
  • plasterboard glue
  • door jamb
  • door
  • skirting
  • lots of nails and screws
  • structutal pine
  • carpet and smooth edge
  • paint


  • Sander
  • saw
  • mutli tool
  • Impact driver 
  • drill
  • hand tools


Step 1

First opened a small area of the plasterboard that I was confident to close in case it turned out to be complex one.



Step 2

Once the small area is opened assess load bearing of the studs and create necessary space to place door frame with structural pine. Double and triple do your math to include door opening, door jamb spaces as needed. Plus add 10 mm to be safe.



Step 3

Add door frame and door jamb. Cross check measurements to be sure that you have enough space for door plus some offset



Step 4

Add door and finish the inside with plasterboard and MDF



Step 5

Finish plasterboard with jointing compound and tape and sand (this is where I got lazy). Install skirting boards. use wood filler close all holes and then paint

Step 6

Install smooth edge along the perimeter and lay down carpet. Install shelves.


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Under Stairs Storage

What a fantastic project and an amazing amount of space that you've taken back, @jaiprak!  


You've done a splendid job, and your attention to detail really shows.


Many thanks for sharing your results.




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Home Improvement Guru

Re: Under stairs storage

Good afternoon @jaiprak 

Nice way of regaining some space :smile: Your door is messing with my spatial awarness tho lol The doorway looks 2/3rds a standard door and the open doorway with the door attached looks like a standard door? How wide is it and did you special order a door? (I have a door in my sunroom that is smaller then normal and have even considered moving the wall just to make it the same! :smile:


I do think its a trick of my eyes tho.


Re: Under stairs storage

You have eagle eyes. It is a 520. Got it via special order. I would have had to realign 2 studs if I needed 620 door. So didn’t go down that route.

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