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Upcycled bedside table

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Upcycled bedside table



2023 New Year, New Look – at least for our bedroom that had 5 different types of wooden furniture in it 😊

Solution - Upcycling our existing furniture and our bedside table made it on the list. 🖌

A little sanding and paint with supplies from our local Bunnings store did the trick. 🛒

Before Pic



This was our first time attempting any upcycling ourselves (True DIY Novice here) and we’ve owned this solid bedside table for a fair few years - given we had the base product off we went to our local Bunnings store and bought some supplies (links provided below of everything was purchased):



Taubmans 2L White Matt Endure Interior Wall Paint - Bunnings Australia

Taubmans 1L White 3 In 1 Interior And Exterior Primer Undercoat Sealer - Bunnings Australia

Monarch 50mm Walls Doors And Trims Paint Brush - Bunnings Australia

ProRenovator 6 Piece Multi Purpose Painting Kit - Bunnings Australia
ScotchBlue 24mm x 55m Original Multi-Surface Painter’s Masking Tape - Bunnings Australia

Rocket Fine Sanding Sponge - Bunnings Australia

Paint Partner 2.6 x 3.6m Clear Plastic Drop Sheet - Bunnings Australia


Armed and ready with our supplies we rolled up our sleeves, removed the handles off the bedside table, cleaned and then proceeded to sand the bedside table.

We first sanded with an orbital sander using 180 grit sandpaper and then did some old school sanding with the sanding sponge.


Progress Pic below:




Helpful hint – Either do this outside or if indoors be aware for lots of wooden dust flying around and spilling over – have your vacuum cleaner handy 😊

After that we placed the drop sheet and then proceeded to paint the bedside table:

2 Layers of Undercoat

2 Layers of White Paint

2 Layers of Varnish

Utilised a lot of sun and drying time between each layer and after it was completely dry, we had a modern looking end product.

End Result / After Pic:



Thankfully the existing handles didn’t look outdated, so we reused that rather than replacing the fixtures.

Whilst initially we were filled with trepidation attempting this it went a lot smoother than expected (pardon the pun) and we’ve definitely been bitten by the DIY bug and looking forward to attempting more projects in the weeks to come. 😊

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: Upcycled bedside table

Hi @DIYRookie,


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community! It is awesome you have joined and jumped straight in by sharing your smooth upcycle project. I really like how you kept the existing handles, not only to be sustainable but also for the modern style.


You have done a great job and I have a feeling you will not be a DIY novice for very long. 




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