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Wainscot feature wall in dining area

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Wainscot feature wall in dining area

DIY July!


We had been wanting to do wainscoting for a while but were unsure where to start. Thankfully it was so simple with the Bunnings team's help, and we just live the blue touch to the top of the wall, with the white photo frames popping against the blue. The green colour in the corner finishes off the new look, we love it!


Mdf board


Wood glue


Admiralty paint (for blie wall)

Wattyl semi gloss white (for wainscoting to match base boards)



Nail gun


Mitre saw




Step 1

1. Measure out wainscoting to be about 1/3rd of wall height. Determine best look for how many vertical boards you would like (we measured them out with tape first to get an idea).

Step 2

2. Calculate how much MDF you would require and have Bunnings team cut for you in desired width (we took 120mm). They will still be very long but you will cut these shorter in step 3 to required lenght / height.

Step 3

3. Measure and cut your first pieces which will become the base (sitting above base board), taking note of any 45 degree angles that must be cut with mitre saw. Attach to wall with wood glue and fit securely. Once stuck to wall (ensuring it is level), pop a few nails in and ensure flush

Step 4

4. Do the same with top horizontal board(s), ensuring it is exactly level all the way through.

Step 5

5. For the vertical boards, cut and measure each one individually. If in doubt, rather cut each one 0.5mm too big, just enough to still be able to lightly tap into place with a rubber hammer after applying wood glue. Finish off with some brad nails as well. Ensure they sit flush with bottom and top boards.

Step 6

6. Use filler on all edges if necessary and sand slightly when dry to ensure flush

Step 7

7. Top off with a rail of choice by sticking it on top after careful measurement 

Step 8

8. Paint all with 2x (or maybe 3x) coats of preferred paint of choice.

Step 9

9. Paint top of wall preferred contrast colour (we did blue)

Step 10

10. Hang pictures of choice :smile: tada!!

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Super easy wainscoting for our dining!

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @martink7. It's marvellous to have you join us, and many thanks for sharing your wonderful project.


You've certainly done a terrific job with that wainscotting! It looks amazing, contrasted with that bold wall colour choice. Did you run into any difficulties with the project, or is there any advice you would offer to someone wanting to complete a similar project?


Thanks once again, and well done!




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Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: Wainscot feature wall in dining area

Lovely work @martink7.


Many thanks for sharing, and well done.

You've provided such detailed information that will be a great help to our community members.

We are interested in turning your project into a Featured Project article. Do you have any more pictures you could share?

It would also be great if you could share any other tips or lessons learned during your project that would assist others attempting a similar upgrade.


Many thanks,




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Re: Wainscot feature wall in dining area

Hi Wayne


Sure, I have previously provided stuff to the Bunnings magazine folk but happy to. Feel free to send me your email address and I will send through everything you need.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: Wainscot feature wall in dining area

Hi @martink7


Thank you for getting back to me.


Any further information that you'd like to share can just be posted in here and I'll create a Featured Project using the extra and original content.


Thanks again,






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Re: Wainscot feature wall in dining area

Wainscoting is my all time favorite but it has never been as simple to do as now. It looks marvelous.

Will be using that around my fireplace wall to dress it up. Great job 👏 👏

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