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Workshop poll - how many pillows are on your bed?

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Reply: Workshop poll - how many pillows are on your bed?

I have 6 pillows:  4 ordinary pillows and two very large ornamental pillows.

                            2 are mine on my side of the bed.  

                            2 are for my "fur baby Chihuahua  (Jasa)"  on the other side .. he lies on top of these during the night and day.  These have his throwover blanket on top.


The two large ornamental ones are put aside during the evenings.  Every morning they are replaced in pride of place after the bed is made.


Oh yes .. No pillow for Tigger the cat  (my other fur baby).  He sleeps on top of the bed on his own throwover or on me as he chooses.  hahahahaha


My "fur babies" are my family .. so,  some you "stop frowning" about pets on the bed.   lol


Hey .. maybe I should post my own poll/message .. "about pets on the bed or in the house".  :wink::rosy::bigsmile:


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