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Living and Bedroom

Help for living room and bedroom projects
Just Starting Out
9 replies

Hope to get some expert advice regarding removing or skim coating this stippled “Cow’s Foot “ ceiling. unfortunately covering it with gypock isn’t an ...

Just Starting Out
8 replies

  Hi everyone! I have all but one of my panels up. The one that hasn’t been glued and nailed in is marked with a blue arrow. I’m not too sure how to ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

We've got breezeways above all of our bedrooms doors. We love the look of them but our house is really noisy with the timber flooring everywhere so I ...

Just Starting Out
5 replies

Hello, I want to do this DIY ( picture attached) . Please suggest me the wood material to use. Am just confused which one to use  

Building a Reputation
69 replies

Hi, I want to rip off my old MDF walls and place brand new VJ Panels onto the timber frame. From the videos I have seen, the timber frame needs to hav ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

I am planning several projects. I would like to have wall panels, tv and entertainment unit wall mounted. What I wanted to know is what's done first. ...

Cultivating a Following
1 reply

How to install wall tiles on old weather board of the living room? Is new wooden board required to cover the old eall before new tiles to be installe ...

Getting Established
4 replies

Hi I’m trying to sand and stain my floor but notice some of the floorboards have shallow spots which is causing the stain to pool and make the floor l ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

I need to remove the pelmet so I can fix the sliding door but I can't find any way to do this can you help    

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Hi guys, I’m thinking of installing double door to my study room. But I’m not sure if I’m capable to. Wonder if anyone did similar thing could give ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Apologies if this has been asked before, but we are doing a few DIY improvements to an old house which has some tired cork flooring in the living area ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

Hi team, I have just removed the mantle and old texture coating on my 1920s fireplace. I need to sand it, patch and smooth. A few questions:What grit ...

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