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Living and Bedroom

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I recently installed the below floating desk for a customer of mine so I thought I'd share the process at a high level and the end result which we're ...

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Hello Friends, Just wanted to show you guys final outcome of my book case / tv cabinet. Took about 3 weeks in total. Very happy with final outcome. Ch ...

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Hey guys, first post so go easy lol during lockdown I've been learning to sing and play guitar. Unfortunately there isn't anywhere quiet enough for me ...

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Hi. couple of things. 1.wondering if anyone out there would know how to make a purple wood stain. 2. Is it true you can mix a water based stain with ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
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As a big Star Wars fan, I feel like a kid again today. Today I'm keen to hear what's your favourite movie of all time. And is there a movie tha ...

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 I made these bedroom side tables using recycled cardboard cylinders that were free on Marketplace. I initially saw the design of two similar side tab ...

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the bedroom floor is polished cypress pine floorboards. the ceiling of the room underneath is gyprock. there are no openings in the floorboards or the ...

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Super Quick little build today. I made a slide on armchair coffee table to hold my coffee cup or glass of wine. I use a cheap little cutting board an ...

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While shopping for lights for our reno a while back I saw some insanely expensive wall-hanging lights in a lighting shop showroom.Hmmmm, I thought... ...

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Assume it's okay to start a word association game here? You just reply with the first word that comes into your mind after reading the previous word. ...

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Would the 25mm blue gripit plasterboard fixes be suitable to wall mount a tv to the plasterboard? It says they can hold up to 60kg. I have a 50” t ...

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Hi all, I am hesitant to purchase a proper whiteboard online (so expensive!) when I could possibly make one myself. Has anyone done this? Bunnings has ...

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