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Artificial grass installation and base preparation

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Artificial grass installation and base preparation


Hello Experts,

Looking to use this front yard as I do not have big backyard. It was filled with river rocks which I got rid of most of it.

Now got stuck for next stage, as you can see lower pit is too low from the side walk (top left hand corner). Q1. What to do with it?

Q2. For artificial grass what base should I use?

Q. 3 I am thinking of covering lower pit it with artificial grass good idea?

Q 4 how much fill I should do with base materials? Area is 3.8 x 5.9. 

Q 5 Open to any other ideas if it's easy DIY option like paving, and concrete etc.

Any other tips? Or Budget is about 800 to 1000.

Thank You very much for expert advice. 


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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Artificial Grass Installation and Base Preparation

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Newbee2DIY. It's fantastic to have you join us and many thanks for your questions.


You might be interested in a recent discussion: How to level soil by @anupt. @ProjectPete mentions the method involved in levelling an area to lay synthetic turf.


The level of that lower grate is governing your finished soil height at the moment and you would be looking at levelling your yard to suit it. Alternatively, you could have the pit raised to the same height as the larger pit and fill the yard.


The current layout has me questioning a few things in regards to the fluctuating soil heights, the drain grate and pits at two different heights and why there are two grates in the first place. The larger pit looks like it has a 30cm extension piece added on top of a one which was flush with the soil and lower grate. I'd be inclined to investigate further as to why the larger grate is at that height. I'm going to hazard a guess and say that there were issues with water runoff taking the surrounding soil down the flush level larger drain and subsequently, the stones were put in place and the drain raised to stop this happening.


Whatever the situation is I'm thinking this area has some type of drainage issues and would certainly advise investing in laying agricultural line around the area before filling.


Let me mention @ProjectPete@Adam_W and @Brad to see if they could contribute to the conversation.




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Re: Artificial grass installation and base preparation

Hi @Newbee2DIY 
Now I'm going to admit to being very confused by these multiple drains/grates.
Are you in strata?
What I'm thinking is this... the smaller, low drain is 'yours' - it drains your yard.

The larger drain/pit is an access point to a junction of other drains. 
What I'm most confused about is the way the space had been set-up with the river pebbles etc. it looks like it is supposed to be a retention area, i.e. - it floods & then drains. Is this possible? You may find this on your title or building information. This is important as you don't want to mess around too  much with things if this is the case. And definitely do not cover the lower pit with grass.

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