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Best fix for missing grout?

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Best fix for missing grout?

The brickwork in the driveway is looking a little worse for wear. Any tips/products that could help with a decent DIY job?



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Re: Best fix for missing grout?

Hi @corky55 


I think your drive way is quite fixable  it is strange the morter came out like that . 


I suspect more mortar will come out other areas so Bunnings  sells cute  low cost pressure washers. EG

Gerni 3000 1670PSI 1400W High Pressure Washer  I/N: 0254294 $139


Bunnings will also hire them out but money is better spent  towards your own  washer then you have that tool for many jobs.


So high pressure wash you drive (Not tooo close as  high pressure water can cut bricks in half)   So find the just right height to clean but not super  blast.  That washer  as mention above comes with a patio washer attachment for bricks and cement as a bonus. that should apply the right pressure.


WHY clean your drive first?  I am aiming at helping you discover more  weak morter points to fix them all at the same time  plus you will have fresh look  drive,


Ok  Lets say some  more morter came out  thats good as it is the weak stuff.


Now one bag of should be  enough

Australian Builders 20kg Sand And Cement Mix Bag  I/N: 0760612  $9.44

Starting at one end of the drive to the far end.

Mix up a  quarter of the bag in a  wheel barrow. big bucket. or a regular bucket wearing gloves  use a small garden spade as a big help to mix all the cement with water scraping into the corners.  Add water  gradually  until  it is like tooth paste consistancy .

Lightly spray your drive way with water not so the water is running this helps new cement bond.

Use you small mixing garden trowel to spoon the cement into the individual holes and damaged morter lines  carefully as to not make a mess with a  dust pan  brush  smooth it level.  Your done. 

waste not want not.

Walk around your property fill any other places and path cracks  with the left over cement in the  bucket.  or empty remaining cement on the dirt or grass and let it set in lift able cement rocks and dispose of in bin.


 Its inevitable the drive will have some cement mess out of the intended spots so leave the mortar set for 30 mins.

Now use the dust pan brush   dipped frequently in water bucket and brush of any excess cement on brick faces (Try no to dig into your repairs) the water  helps dilute cement surface mess (the morter in cracks  wont be  effected unless overly brushed)

So now the thick cement on brick faces is wiped 98% clean  Use your hose  on  wide shower spray (not pressure washer) lightly hose your dirty brick faces clean with out hosing out repairs,  Hose the grey water of to one side or drive. Some grey will leach out of your morter repairs do not worry we can  clean that on a final clean after a week.   You can use driveway with cars etc same day as morter is flush or below brick level.


One week later your garden hose can be aimed at brick faces only to finish  cleaning them on jet.


Dont forget to clean those other patchs you did around the house.


It is very easy to wash out new  unset morter so wash unset morter very sparingly


You should have a clean patch driveway





Re: Best fix for missing grout?

Hello @corky55


Thanks for sharing your question about fixing the missing grout in your brick driveway. It's great that you've received sound advice from @Jewelleryrescue. Using Australian Builders 20kg Sand And Cement Mix Bag should be ideal to fill in the gaps in your driveway. Just to add to the suggestions made, I recommend using your garden guns mist function to cool off the patches you made in the driveway. Too much heat from the sun can cause the cement to crack. By slowing down the drying time you'll get a much stronger finish. Just keep in mind that when over 70 percent of the grout is coming off it might be worth doing the entire lot for a fresh start.


Please make sure to wear gloves, goggles and a dust mask when working with powdered cement and carrying out your repairs.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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