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Courtyard privacy screen and gate

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Courtyard privacy screen and gate

The project was to replace an old timber fence with a privacy screen and gate creating a secure area for children and dogs. The open work of the new screens allows the wind to be filtered so taller plants in pots are less likely to be wind damaged.


3 Tuscan panel 1800 x 900mm screens

1 pfeiffer adjustable gate frame

1 pryda HDG bolt down post anchors 

assorted timber for framing and gate panels

paint to suit



Step 1

Remove existing fencing




Remove existing fencing and gate.

Step 2



Reusing some of the pre-existing timber uprights and relocating others based on panel with. Painting timber as you go create a frame around the panels.

Step 3



Triple check everything is secure. Replace rocks in position.

Step 4



Adjust gate frame to fit opening. Add timber slats made from recycled timber from the original fence. Fix gate to the timber frame.

Step 5


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Re: Privacy screen entry to a courtyard

Good Afernoon @Paul43 

Welcome to Bunnings Community :smile: And man, that is a nice looking fence. How many times have a walked past those Tuscan panels. From what was to what you have now is a real improvement. How has it stood up to any wind? I have thought of using the panels myself but its always been on the list of "to do" options. Another question is there any rust like stain that develops on  the base of them?



Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: Courtyard privacy screen and gate

Hi @Paul43,


I'd like to also extend a warm welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community! It is awesome you have joined and thank you for sharing how you made your project. Your new screen and gate are both functional and a feature for your courtyard. I really like that you chose the decorative panels, they suit the space so well. Great outdoor projects like yours sometimes make it into our Top Ideas articles like Top 10 most popular fence projects, you may even find yours there one day.


Great work!




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Re: Privacy screen entry to a courtyard

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your positive feedback. 
The fence is exposed to the south where our strongest winds come from. I am expecting that as the panels are framed and

 attached to either the fence or the house as well as the ground it should be stable. The design of the panels will filter wind but allow it pass through.

I have used other ‘rusted’ metal in the garden - mailbox and garden edgings and it found them durable and there hasn’t been any staining around them. I painted the timber frames in a dark colour matching the screens and the house walls - maybe if I had just oiled the timber or used a light colour some staining would be evident over time.

Cheers, Paul

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Privacy screen entry to a courtyard

Hello @Paul43 


I love the Tuscan Path 1800 x 900mm Rust Geometric Screen Panel that you've put in. It adds so much character to the area and goes very well with your decking. I totally agree with you that it is much safer for the kids, dogs and plants. My favourite part of course is that you don't have to pain it.  


Thank you for sharing such a wonderful project.




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Re: Privacy screen entry to a courtyard

Thanks for your comment Eric,

Yes I agree the best thing is it does not need painting.


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