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Cubby house timber quality check

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Cubby house timber quality check

Hi Bunnings Workshop community

I bought a cubby house to assemble recently.

I opened the boxes and was surprised to see significant cracks in some of the main timber parts, and filler used to patch long gaps sections (made by factory cuts maybe).

Just want to get some opinions on whether this wood is of sufficient quality / safe, and if it might survive the varying weather in Melbourne.  Wondering whether to push for a refund/replacement or just assemble it.






Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Cubby House timber quality check

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @bornToDIY. It's sensational to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about timber.


Those are what I'd consider structural cracks that run the length of timber and not hairline cracks that can be ignored. If this were one of our cubby houses, especially a two-storey one, I'd refund it for the customer as it raises safety concerns. I'd suggest reaching out to the manufacturer.


Let me mention a couple of our knowledgeable members @TedBear and @Jewelleryrescue to get their opinions.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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Re: Cubby House timber quality check

Hi @bornToDIY 

I agree 100% with @MitchellMc on this.

Under Australian Consumer Laws products have to be fit for purpose and in any case you have every right to complain about the quality from information placed on the suppliers website:

" Quality is assured thanks to the premium treated timber construction. The floor, wall and roof material are solid high temperature treated timber with UV protection. For your peace of mind there are no sharp edges."

Those cracks supply sharp edges that will only get worse with time, and will make it unsafe - and therefore not fit for purpose.

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Cubby House timber quality check

Hi @bornToDIY 


I'm with the learned gentlemen above, unless - if it's only the five pieces you've shown us - can we simply replace them with better quality wood?

Maybe send your photos to the company - and get five replacement pieces?

Or is there much more?

They seem to be numbered "20."


Where are they situated on the house?




Total weight of the packaged kit is only 91kg?

Re: Cubby House timber quality check

Hi @bornToDIY  and All


Firstly sorry you got that lemon of a tree lumber I hope you bought it on the special price


Yes those timbers not  fit to be firewood   If  it was my kids  cubby house I would replace the all main structual posts and cross beams and /or work out the  replacement cost of  fair and reasonable  replacement timbers EG $500


You are entilted to full refund on a sale item to.  But then you will have to pony up $300??  transport cost for return all that wieght 91kg  as @Noyade  says and length and the hassle of packing it all up. If you used a credit card talk to them  often they  have addition  support for  purchases too that may help.


They giving huge discount  they know  item is  low  quality so they are  expecting your call.  So why dont you switch it around on them by asking  for a $500  bonus discount (no refund)  as no way do they want that to come back to them what will they do with that?


So you get $500 to replace timber will  bunnings wood you get a rock solid  cubby as you wanted  and you dont have return shipment hassles

Maybe work out which timbers and sizes are suspect and @MitchellMc can help get a quote  together


Re: Cubby House timber quality check

Thanks very much @Jewelleryrescue @Noyade @TedBear @MitchellMc 

Yes, the total weight is 91kg.

There are 6 pieces of timber with cracks/filler and they are all load bearing posts. 

Yes, would really appreciate a quote to replace these 6 pieces, so here are the details:

4 of them (90cm x 6 x 6) support the second story of the house from base, and 2 others (126cm x 6 x 6 with triangle cut on one end) support the front verandah roof.  (Here is the assembly manual - the affected parts are "20" and "29").


The affected parts all look like they've been channel-cut in the middle of one surface and then patched/filled - I'm not sure if they cut it deliberately for some reason - thoughts?




Re: Cubby House timber quality check

Hi @bornToDIY 


First to answer your question re  the timber is poor quality pieces and have being naturally spliting and they  probably  chiseled out the bad splits and  filled them possible old saw dust and some poor glue to try and make them look whole good  pieces usually these are  painted over to hide there cover up. But lucky for your childrens well being you questioned the wood  quality.


In Australia there is much  timber made from cut and joined timber off cuts and  pre painted  and the quaility is  still A1 .


Ok costing the short of it the treated timber replacemrnt timber is  in the close ball park of  $220.  So put in a  claim for $300 as you will need a high quality insect resisting weather proof under coat  especially where timbers touch the ground. I would highly  consider placing  ready made cement pads/ squares under the points any timber touches the ground .


Your  claim to date to the suppliers is $300 refund or they take a full refund. And tell them the  poor quaility is risking Aussie kids and the Gov  could ban there sales in OZ.   Ok a little devious but no more than they deserves.


My  proposed (below) Timber size is a slightly larger dimention 88mm square vs 60mm square of your  original timber. this wont be a  problem or alter design just fatter stronger  legs,


Now if you will note: the ONIGINAL veranda post is two pieces (easier shipping)  BUT We can cut one whole full length post instead ie (90cm(Base stump) + 126cm (Triangle end) = one post 216cm combining those  two lenghts. will save cutting work and make design stronger.


Now i propose purchasing  two lengths of treated pine 3.6m long out of  which we can get the replacemrnt 6 timbers in need of  replacing but the verandah  post dosnt need 2  pieces so now we only need 4 replacement timbers. See drawing.


In the drawing shows one length of timber 3,6 m (you will need  2x3,6 meter  posts to cut 2 sets of timbers,)  the drawing it shows the two cuts you need to makeone set then do a duplicate set  of cuts on 2nd post. 

Easiest way is to get your replacement timber post lay it on ground or saw  horse.  Place the 90cm part and the 126 triangle part on the  raw material end to end and trace draw the angled  off cut onto the post and cut it at same angle, this will give you a whole and  complete front veranda post with no joins this is a stronger design.   Next lay the  90cm  part on the end of the first raw  material and draw a line and cut it the same size. Repeat for 2nd veranda and other base post. And a minimal waste off cut.

a timber.jpg

Now  also in the diagram shows  where to  connect the joining  original timber braces on the inside corner edges.  Please dont use outside corner edges as this will throw of all your other precut peices fitting properly


I would under coat and paint all timbers before you assemble them so you get the maximum life out of you new cubby. This is a pain but totally worth doing.

Bunnings timber options @MitchellMc  and others maybe able to provide  alternatives and add  design input  to make this  even better.


Bunnings H4  timber  2x In8423176 Treated   timber   3.6Meter  88x88mm square $105


Bunnings H3 preprimed IN0052827 Treated timber  3.6 Meters 88x88  square $108.45


Good luck hope this  helps.







Re: Cubby House timber quality check

Hi @bornToDIY,


I am unaware of any equivalent products apart from the alternative 88 x88 LSOP posts that @Jewelleryrescue mentioned above.




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Re: Cubby House timber quality check

Morning @bornToDIY 


Apologies for my eyesight - I will see my optometrist later this year.

I thought with your first photos they were small battens with fissures down the centre - and maybe they were just trimming for the windows.


But your most recent post/photo puts a better perspective on the problem. These are load bearing timbers 90mm X 90mm that were defective and the manufacturer has attempted to deceive the customer by trenching the affected area, filling and painting. There is so much filler - that as it dried it contracted creating a fissure (which I thought was the wood). By playing with the monitor screen and getting 90mm to fit the ruler - the trenching appears to be around 10mm wide and up to 15mm deep. I don't know if you have contacted the company (I note the link to the supplier has now been removed from your introductory post) but if you had no success with them - I would be going to Fair Trading and pushing for a full refund.



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Re: Cubby House timber quality check

Hi guys


Thanks for the advice (and diagrams!).  I ended up getting a partial refund from the vendor, and bought some new, better, thicker posts for the base from Bunnings as @Jewelleryrescue suggested.  I cut them into 4 and I've assembled the bottom half of the cubby house.


Now I want to build the top half and have a thicker verandah post if possible.



"Now if you will note: the ORIGINAL veranda post is two pieces (easier shipping) BUT We can cut one whole full length post instead ie (90cm(Base stump) + 126cm (Triangle end) = one post 216cm combining those two lengths. will save cutting work and make design stronger."


Hi @MitchellMc , would Bunnings Chadstone do a triangle cut of the post I choose for the verandah?  Do I just need to ask them in the store?





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