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Decking how to custom blinds

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Decking how to custom blinds

Hi,  I am hoping to get some advice/thoughts about how to go about this build. I have a lot of projects on the go, so I am hoping this forum is friendly towards people who want to learn as I would like to participate heavily.  


Hopefully the title to this one isn’t too misleading.  I also hope I explain the situation well and the reader’s are able to understand.


I have a very large back deck constructed of merbau. The deck is 6.5m wide, 13m long, with a 250mm wide bar rail running all the way across.  The balustrade is constructed with 90x90mm merbau posts and tensioned wire.  


I want to enclose the whole thing with roller blinds made with pawgard (a mesh product designed to keep cats in and snakes and other critters out - see link for product description  I purchased some cheap fly screen blinds (from Bunnings of course), so I could rip these apart and reconstruct my own blinds with the pawgard.


The roof of this deck is made out of colourbond material sandwiched in between polystyrene foam. I am sorry but I don’t know what it is called.  This is my first problem.  It is not exactly ideal material to bust a couple of screws in to attach anything with any weight really.  But on the right and left side of the deck it is the only material I have to work with.  The roof also runs on a slight angle which means attaching several lengths of pine directly to it and then attaching the blinds to the pine wont be an option, because the blinds won’t roll up properly.


Here is some of the options I thought about (and please don’t shoot me, as I am not a builder or a trades person.  I just watch a lot of YouTube vids).


  1. I thought about using some left over lengths of merbau decking (140mm wide), then attaching brackets to the underside of the roof and attaching the decking board to this.  Then attaching the blind to the merbau on a straight line.  The decking board is pretty heavy and I don’t know whether the roof will support it.
  2. Attaching lengths of pine directly to the underside of the roof and then attaching hardy flex eaves material to the pine and then attaching the blinds on a straight line on to the hardy flex.
  3. Attaching lengths of pine to brackets mounted on the underside of the roof and then attaching the blinds to the pine on a straight line.


This is just one of many problems associated with this build, but I want to get the two sides done before I get to the front.


I hope I have explained the situation well enough and the photos give readers a basic understanding.  Please feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to answer.8CAA7BD7-296B-49E9-BD1A-37E1F1912DB4.jpeg



Finding My Feet

Re: Decking how to custom blinds

For some reason I am unable to upload all of the photos I wanted to share.  I will keep trying. 

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Re: Decking how to custom blinds

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Justanovice! We're so pleased that you've joined us.


You are definitely in the right place. We're here to help. Let me tag @redracer01 and @MitchellMc who will be able to help with some advice to get you started with this project.




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Re: Decking how to custom blinds

Hi @Justanovice,


Are there any timber or steel beams surrounding the perimeter of the roof, which you can build off? Depending on the pitch of your roof, you might need one or more boards cut to suit the angle of it. We have Woodhouse Weatherproof 138 x 18mm 5.4m DAR PR4 H3 LOSP Treated And Primed Finger Jointed Pine Mouldi..., which would be suitable for the boards, and Woodhouse Weatherproof 66 x 42mm 2.4m F7 Structural H3 LOSP Treated And Primed Finger Jointed Pine could be used as the internal fixing point. The internal timber would be glued to the ceiling and screwed into the roofs beams. The boards can be biscuit joined together, screwed into the internal runner and end posts or house. 


What you've suggested will work and there are likely several ways to complete the job. In any case, I'd like to see the boards get fixed at their ends to either posts or the wall of the house. That way, their weight is not hanging solely off the roof.


Please let me know if you have any questions.






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Re: Decking how to custom blinds

Thanks for your reply Mitchell.  I would very much love to learn how to do those graphics.  I am not sure I understand what you are attempting to describe however.  


Unfortunately there are no wooden beams inside these colourbond panels.  They are stuffed with polystyrene which is supposed to insulate and reduce the heat.  The left hand side these panels overhang about 90mm from the house (in-line with the roof of the house).  On the right hand side the panels are flush with the roof of house.  


The photos below show the left hand side of the deck.  The colourbond panels span approximately 6m out from the house and rest on beams at the front of the deck.  Even if I could obtain a piece of wood that long (I would have to get this delivered which would add to the cost), I am assuming it will be too heavy.  But I don’t know this.  I am just a novice after all and that is just an assumption.  I think the only way to do this is to have several pieces of wood.  I could maybe do it with two pieces so what types of brackets would you suggest? 





The photos below here show the right hand side of the deck.  This spans about 6.5m out from the house and the colourbond panels are flush and inline with the roof of the house.  


Re: Decking how to custom blinds

I am unable to upload the photos of the right hand sine fo the deck .... sorry.  

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