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Discouraging tagging


Discouraging tagging


Hi everyone,


We have a laneway beside our house and our fence has started to get tagged. Just looking for advice on what might best deter the graffiti.


Should I paint over it as soon as possible, or will they just keep coming back to mark their territory? Or should I see if I can somehow get a local artist to paint a mural - would that be more respected? 



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Community Manager

Re: Discouraging tagging



Welcome to Workshop. It's great to have you join us. I look forward to reading about your projects and plans. 


Sorry to read of your graffiti problem. I'm sure there will be others who have had a similar problem and have some suggestions and advice for you.


Please let me know if you need a hand getting the most from the site.



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Re: Discouraging tagging

Hi @MichaelJ


Our local Vinnes was always getting tagged, and they decided to paint a mural on the building and so far so good.  Their reasoning was it was less likely to get tagged if it no longer had the "blank canvas" look 



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Re: Discouraging tagging

I stopped my tagger by putting a BLACK "X" over their work,
then a week later overpaint.

Another way but expensive is get anti grafitti paint.


They always like to show their friends "their Tag"



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Re: Discouraging tagging

I would keep painting over it. They will get the message and go elsewhere. 

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Re: Discouraging tagging

Yeah, I'm not sure the average tagger respects murals either. City laneways suggest not. I would paint over as quickly as possible because these peanuts like seeing their name everywhere. Keep getting rid of it and I imagine they are likely to go elsewhere for their kicks. 

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