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Drainage ideas needed - water into garage

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Drainage ideas needed - water into garage


I brought house last year but I have problem with rain water because in backyard concrete don't have water drainage and concrete is also not leveled so when it rains water is going to garage. You can see in below pictures water started go in the garage and that pictures are in the middle of swiping water. So please may I have some suggestions about my problem. 







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Re: Drainage ideas needed - water into garage


Is it just the door the water is coming in, or is it seeping through the wall also?


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Re: Drainage ideas needed - water into garage

Thanks for ur reply. Yes through the door.

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Re: Drainage ideas needed - water into garage

I would imagine you need to engage a plumber to install a strip drain @na. The concrete shouldn't be level, it should slope away from the house and to a drain. 

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Re: Drainage ideas needed - water into garage

i had a similar problem when I bought my house, with a back yard sloping toward the house and the rear garage door; - the previous owner had concreted almost everywhere and invited water into the garage. I broke up much of the concrete and replaced it with paving bricks.

Before laying them, I dug in a small soak well a few metres from the garage door. I added a drain channel across the upper end of the walkway (to catch floods before they get near that area). I connected it to the soak well via a slotted drainage pipe which ran along the perimeter of the house edge, (not very deep) including across the garage doorway and spiraled its way into the soak well. I covered the pipe near the house in round gravel stones, creating a (water collecting) border which I didn't pave over. No sign of water build up anywhere now - and I feel better knowing that the house foundation are no longer being flooded either.  It was all fairly cheap and looks heaps better than concrete. It just requires the labour. 

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