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Fence question from a first time home owner

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Fence question from a first time home owner

Hi everyone, I'm Ben. 

My neighbour asked me to dig a trench down my side of our fence to help with water drainage, I was happy to oblige. He also took the chance to let me know my 18 month old ball of fur can be a little loud when he walks near that fence. I decided to put some treated timber boards along the bottom of the colourbond fence to stop my dog barking when he sees the feet, also I thought this might keep water from going under the fence into my neighbour's shed which was the original issue. 


My neighbour has told me that putting timber along the bottom of the fence will cause the steel to rot. I find that difficult to imagine but I am not particularly well versed so thought I would ask this forum. 

Should I avoid putting in the timber? IMG_20190622_164005.jpg



Please note the fence with the gully dug, and a cameo from the furry half of my problem

Thanks, Ben

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Re: Fence question from a first time home owner

Sounds like rot to me @benny

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Re: Fence question from a first time home owner

Timber is commonly placed under colorbond fences for this and other reasons @benny. I don't see how it'll make the steel rot...the capping along the bottom catches water yet doesn't rot.

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Re: Fence question from a first time home owner

Thanks everyone , you have echoed my thoughts about it. The timber goes in! 

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Re: Fence question from a first time home owner

G'day mate...agreed with the gents above...but I think using wood here might not solve your problem (long term).
Firstly...well I really had to think back hard to the final years of uni...but I'm almost certain...steel can't rot :asleep: wood can though!

You did mention that water was coming from your property to the next door neighbour's shed? I'm not sure what grade of treated wood you intend to use (H4? H5?) but I don't believe any grade of wood is meant to be in permanent (or even regular) contact with water. It will eventually rot. In your instance I would humbly suggest using some 300mm wide fibre cement sheets (Hardieflex or similar) in place of the wood. This is exactly what I did to stop my little cat digging under my fence and making a big mess!
Just my two cents mate, all the best :smile:

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