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Floor for boat

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Floor for boat

I am replacing a rotten plywood floor in my aluminium boat 4.35 metres long.


What thickness of marine plywood should I use?


Also it has been suggested that before gluing on the carpet to the plywood, it is best to paint the plywood, to give it more water proof quality?


What type of paint should I use?

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Re: Floor for boat

Have a think about using Formply, you would only have to paint the cut edges then.
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Re: Floor for boat

Hi @PeterT,


Many thanks for joining the Workshop community. Great to see you make your first post and receive a prompt and helpful reply from Brad. We look forward to seeing how this project progresses.


Feel free to post anytime you need a hand or have a project to share. We have loads of community members sharing advice and inspiration. And please let me know if you ever need a hand getting the most from the site.






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Re: Floor for boat

I agree with @Brad re formply @PeterT.


As far as sealing it goes, any marine-grade or at least weatherproof (although this won't necessarily repel salt so well) will do - both Bondall and Feast Watson have some products for you.

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Re: Floor for boat

Thanks guys.
Very helpful suggestion re use of Formply....
So simple, once it has been pointed out to you, but I did not think about using that material
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