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Front yard makeover

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Front yard makeover

Hi all,


I would like to share with you our front yard makeover.  I will let the pictures do the talking and include a little bit of commentary as I go.



front 1.jpg

Aaaaand here we go.  I managed to borrow a mini bobcat to pile up the grass and excess sand.  Paving sand spread to extend paving. (not my best pose)


We can now get to the front door without dirty feet.


I seem to have misplaced some photos.  Anyhoo, the bore and retic has been installed and the garden edging is in place.  I used 200 x 50 treated pine sleepers coated in a 50:50 mix of raw linseed oil and turps.  The topsoil has been laid and mixed in with a rotary hoe.and ready for grass.


Finally the grass is rolled out.  Sir Walter.


Think I need to get the gerny out.


I'll put some more photos in the gallery.  If anyone has questions on how we went around doing anything please don't hesitate.



Daryl  (and Deb)



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Front yard makeover

Great result @darylhewston. Obviously a lot of hard work for you and Deb but well worth it. 


What are your top paving tips you could share with the community to ensure a fantastic result?



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Finding My Feet

Re: Front yard makeover

Looks great. What timber did you use for your garden beds / lawn edging? How did you secure the timber (can't quite see in the photos)? I'm looking to do something similar in our back yard.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Front yard makeover

Hi @Lyds,


Let me mention @darylhewston to see if they can answer your questions for you.


There's a good chance that MicroPro Sienna sleepers were used in this project, as their distinctive red colouring can identify them. You could achieve a similar look by staining standard treated Pine sleepers


It appears that hardwood timber stakes were used to secure the sleepers in place.


Are you planning your own garden makeover? We'd be keen to hear all about it and encourage you to start a discussion if you need assistance or would like to share it with the community.


Please let me know if you have additional questions.




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