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Give me your best BBQ recipe

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Give me your best BBQ recipe

Hey Workshop! I'm hosting a BBQ for 8 friends on the weekend and rather than just trotting out the usual boring fare, I'm keen to impress them. I have a Weber and a 6-burner hooded BBQ at my disposal.


Does anybody have a killer recipe that'll make me look like an Iron Chef?




Making a Splash

Re: Give me your best BBQ recipe

Hey @Jackson, maybe you should try @Ben's Pad Thai recipe?

Re: Give me your best BBQ recipe

Thanks @Darren. I did check out the Pad Thai by @Ben and whilst it does look great, I'm not keen on making each serving individually. I'd prefer to cook it all at once so I can spend less time cooking and more time eating/drinking/being merry.

Re: Give me your best BBQ recipe

I don't have a specific recipe. But a great idea for starters is to heat up some homemade (or store bought) hot salami on the BBQ. Not only is it delicious, but it gets your hotplate nice and oily for the next lot of food to be cooked. 

We always do this and it is gone in about 2 minutes! 

Re: Give me your best BBQ recipe

Thanks @kaylah_rose, I'd planned on doing a bit of an antipasto platter so that'll make a great addition. Now I just need to work out the main course and maybe a dessert...

Making a Splash

Re: Give me your best BBQ recipe

This is one of our favourites - ginger and lemongrass grilled chicken.


1tbs grated ginger
2 stalks lemongrass
2tbs coriander
1tbs oil
Sea salt
Black pepper

6-8 chicken thighs
2 Lebanese cucumber
1.5 cups coriander leaves
1.5 cups mint leaves
Kecap Manis
Lime cheeks


Combine ginger, lemongrass, coriander, oil, salt and paper. Spread mixture over chicken and marinade for 10 mins. Heat barbecue over high heat and cook chicken for 2-3 mins each side or until just cooked through.

Thinly Slice cucumber long lengthways and combine with mint and coriander.


Drizzle kecap manis over chicken to serve.

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Re: Give me your best BBQ recipe

One of our friends gave us prawns and chorizo cooked on the BBQ a few weeks ago. It was delicious. I am going to replicate it soon. Just match with your favourites salads/sides. Very quick and easy to cook so you can just spend your time socialising (drinking). 

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Re: Give me your best BBQ recipe

hey @Jackson you can't go passed corn on the cob at a bbq.  wrap 'em in foil throw them over hot coals or hotplate.  serve with butter or salt. simple, delicious and always a favourite

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Re: Give me your best BBQ recipe


The thing that always goes well at any of my BBQs are my kebabs.


1/2 kilo beef mince

1/2 kilo dark chicken mince

1 thumb sized piece of ginger

1 small onion (minced)

1 cup of finely chopped parsley

Add paprika, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper to taste


The trick with the kebabs is to bash the ginger with a rolling pin and then soak it in a couple of tablespoons of water. After a few minutes, combine the water with the mince meat and ensure it is mixed through. Mix in all the other ingredients and then put it into the freezer for about 30 minutes before shaping into rissoles or onto a metal skewer. Cook over coals for an even better flavour. Enjoy!


Also a quick tip, when cooking onions on the BBQ add a pinch of paprika and a splash of beer for caramelisation.

Re: Give me your best BBQ recipe

Thanks for all your suggestions, @kaylah_rose/@Kermit/@timdawg/@stupidfish/@Kellie/@Darren!

In the end I decided to roast a pork shoulder in the weber. Here's the recipe in case anyone is curious. I'd never stuffed my own pork before but it worked really well! Unfortunately, by the time I realised I should take a photo it was all gone. 


I'm definitely going to refer back here next time I have a BBQ so keep those recipes coming!

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