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Hooded barbecues and rotisserie recommendations


Hooded barbecues and rotisserie recommendations


Hey everyone,


I'm looking for ideas and guidance.  I've decided to buy a new barbecue.  I love barbecuing, all year round.


So I want a hooded barbecue, some of the ones I've seen on Bunnings that I've looked at are "Rotisserie Ready: Yes", and others, although hooded are listed "Rotisserie Ready: No".


The one I prefer at the moment is

Because I like the look, and the dimensions. 


Now it looks to me like it would not be a major effort to drill the holes to mount a rotisserie.


Or do i go with this:


I prefer the stainless steel finish of the Jumbuck, and the wok sideburner


I could bite the bullet and go with this:


But again, it's not stainless steel.:puzzled:


Has anyone had any success in adapting a barbecue to include a rotisserie, or are there any pitfalls?


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Re: Hooded Barbecues - Rotisserie ideas and reccomendations

Tag In BBQ Ben he'll get it smokin, but be mindful modifying will void your warranty. my2c

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Re: Hooded Barbecues - Rotisserie ideas and recommendations

I wouldn't recommend drilling into your barbecue @Walter because ideally you want a sealed environment where you don't lose any heat and maintain a nice steady temperature when you are cooking with the lid down. 


Some considerations for you:


Any interest in charcoal? We're seeing a trend towards all-in-one barbecues that offer both the convenience of gas and the superior flavour of charcoal. 


Do you want a viewing window? I like the idea of being able to see what's cooking but the reality is that I don't want to have to clean the glass. I think buying probes so you can monitor the temperature of the meat is a much better idea. 


It might also help if you let us know what you mainly tend to cook. For example, if you mainly want to do rotisserie cooking, this would be tempting -


Let me tag also tag our resident barbecue expert @MoonshineBen for you.




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Re: Hooded Barbecues - Rotisserie ideas and recommendations

Thanks all for the suggestions so far.


I might have to drop into the store to see that Fusion model. Interesting.......


Yes, I do like the idea of the window so I can see how things are going, but I agree, cleaning the window isn't a chore I'm keen on inflicting on myself.


I barbecue everything I can, I like to experiment.


The rotisserie isn't going to be something I will use all the time, but will include the usual, chicken, beef, lamb and pork, though I have a mate who occasionally supplies me with venison and kangaroo, and I have a great recipe for venison shoulder rotisseried I'm keen to try out.


Nice thick beef steaks always grab me, and a sausage, any sausage always tastes best fresh off the barbecue.

Hamburgers (my own recipes or from barbecue pitmaster recipes), you name it, if it's not a stir fry, it's simply best to cook on a barbecue. In summer, I barbecue 3 to 4 times a week.


So the rotisserie is an add-on I've wanted for some time.


I've done an amazing "3 fish assemby" for a party that was 100% barbecued (think of properly sliced pineapple- leave the centre in- coated in brown sugar, then barbecued, and you assemble salmon steaks, any whitefish and prawns,-all barbecued- onto the pineapple slice and drizzled in a lime mayonnaise), and we have a traditional Christmas day brunch, where I barbecue ham, poached eggs (yes, on the barbecue), muffins (yes, on the barbecue), and prepare my own Hollandaise sauce (yes, on the barbecue), hence the side burner is a must.


Sigh. just typing this in, and my salivary glands are working overtime:drool:

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Re: Hooded Barbecues - Rotisserie ideas and recommendations



I had a Beefeater for over 15 years so can happily recommend. I would have been happy to buy another one. If you can, buy a quality unit that will last, and a good cover to protect it. Sounds like you'll get lots of use out of it. 

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Re: Hooded Barbecues - Rotisserie ideas and recommendations

@Walter Yes you could modify a unit to accept a rotisserie, though I wouldn't advise it. It would be easy to drill the holes to adapt a mounting plate either end, but my concern is that hoods designed for rotisseries have an extra opening to allow the hood to close down snuggly around the spike going through it. I'll try and find a picture.

hood.png See how the hood has a rebate to allow a snug fit, this would mean cutting into the hood, you'll loose ridgidity and it will be more effort than it's worth.

Personally I'd save a little longer and get one ready to go for it.

Hmm, after being about to recommend the Stardom and what I've just said, I have realised the site actually says this is not "rotisserie ready". From what I can see from the pictures, it is "ready" to accept a rotisserie kit, I'm not sure why they are saying it's not. Stardom 4 burner hooded stainless


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