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How to polish your work boots

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How to polish your work boots


Work Boots are gloves to our feet, they protect us when we're doing projects around the home and can last from a few months to many years if treated well.

I wear boots everyday, though work in an office, which means functionally they save me from squashing my toes yet sometimes I need them to look good.


This is my method for a boot that'll be the envy of all your tradie mates, feel free to leave any tricks or tips you have to keep your boots looking the part.


This is what you'll need- 1 What you'll need.jpg


A scrubbing brush, Sugarsoap, Scuff mark repair, Beeswax shoe polish, Finishing polish, Polishing brush, Hairsprayand a Cloth.



2 Damage.png



This is the damage i've done recently, cuts, abrasions, paint, not looking too sharp at all. I like to start with a good scrub down with the sugarsoap, removing any paint and dirt I can with it.



3 Scuff ink.jpg



After I have cleaned, I like to get a bit of colour back into the dryed out leather, it also helps disguise the abrasions and cuts.

There are many products on the market for "scuffs" they are predominantly dye, they are perfect for this.



4 Wax.jpg



Next we would nourish the leather, this is just a beeswax, I apply a liberal coating and use either a towel or a brush to massage it into the leather. Make sure you get it into all the nooks, cracks and crevices. Dryed out leather is a major cause of premature boot failure.

5 Parade Gloss.jpg



Next comes the polish, which we will heat until is becomes a fluid. It then will be applied generously which helps us build a layer and disguise damage to the leather. My boots are badly damaged, but there are methods available here to achieve a parade shine, but i'm sure neither you or I want to spend that amount of time.

6 heat.jpg7 heated.jpg


















8 Applied.jpg


We want to give the boots a good brush down once we have applied the parade polish.  Brush as you traditionally would a school shoe.


Now here is a little tip that that will keep your boots looking fresh... Just 'borrow' your wifes (or yours if you've got a fancy haircut like me) hairspray...

A couple of sprays and you'll have the boys on site wondering how you got your new boots so shiney!9 Hairspray side.jpg

 10 Hairspray front.jpg



 Be sure to post any of your "tips and tricks" when it comes to getting a healthy and nourished pair of boots on your feet!











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