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How I made steps for my frontyard

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How I made steps for my frontyard

Frontyard Timber Steps and garden makeover.

Relatively steep slope, was difficult to mow lawn. Had quotes for concrete steps which were astronomical. 

I decided to try my hand at steps and the project evolved from there. Used 75mm sienna sleepers from Bunnings for longevity and strength. 












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Re: How I made steps for my frontyard

Hello bthederan and welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community..


Your project is very exciting and beautifully done.. I'm sure many people will be interested to know more about it..


We wish you every success with your entry..



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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How I made steps for my frontyard

Hello @bthederan


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's amazing to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your front yard steps project.


This is a fantastic D.I.Y. steps project, I've been waiting for a member to actually build one as it is one of the best solutions to a steep hill in your garden. I hope you don't mind, but I do have some assembly questions I would like to ask. 


Did you build your steps to a formula or did you just base it on the slope and extended the steps as needed? Did you build the step frame first and anchored each frame to the following frame going up? Did you dig out the inside of the steps and filled it with cement or did you just put pavers in them? This project will definitely be included in my bookmarks. 


Any other information you can share while building the steps would be very much appreciated.


Again, thank you for sharing your front yard steps project.




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Re: How I made steps for my frontyard

I measured the slope and worked on the basis of 200mm sleepers as the height of each tread. Each step has approximately the same depth, so a formula was followed. The last step only has a height of 100mm as it needed to butt up against the concrete platform. That sleeper was attached to the concrete by 8mm masonry bolts. 
I dug each step out and worked from the bottom up, anchoring each step with 10mm steel rio to a depth of 400mm. I built each step directly onto the ground without pre-assembly. The steps were then filled and compacted with crusher dust and granite pavers. No concrete was used at all. 
The whole project was finished off with Cabots Aquadeck. 

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Re: How I made steps for my frontyard


I love what you have done, looks stunning and good on you for having a go.

No more mowing and with a few plants strategically placed it looks fabulous.3

Well done.



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