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How to attach Merbau fence panels to a Colorbond fence?

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How to attach Merbau fence panels to a Colorbond fence?


I want to attach the specriite pre-oiled merbau alternating slat fence panel to a colourbond fence. Is there a way to directly attach it to the top and bottom of the colourbond fence that won’t effect the neighbours side of the fence. 
iIt’s in a location where we can’t sink posts into the ground,


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Re: How to attach Merbau fence panels to a Colorbond fence?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Kaz27. It's a pleasure to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about fixing screening to a Colorbond fence.


@ProjectPete is our resident expert when it comes to cladding Colorbond fences. Check out the discussions about his amazing Poolside fence makeover and Feature fences. As you'll notice, Pete uses a timber frame system connected to the upright post and top and bottom rails. He then fixes the cladding to it.


The top and bottom rails are a C-channel, so as long as your screws aren't thicker than the channel, you can screw directly into it without affecting the neighbours' side of the fence.


You might also be interested in reading through this discussion: How to install a Matrix Decor Screen to a Colorbond Fence.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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Re: How to attach Merbau fence panels to a Colorbond fence?



Grab some 50x25 H3 Pine (0051003) to use as a frame. Fix these to the top and bottom rails.only using 14g 50mm Bugle Metal Teks (0115705). Then screw your screens to the timber subframe - range of screw options for you here. Treated pine or at least galvanised is needed.



- Paint your fence a dark colour first to create a strong contrast between the screens and their background. This gives best effect. Paint the timber subframe too.

- Oil the screens again once installed for extra protection as you'll notice them fade pretty quickly. Use a tinted oil if you want to maintain the red colouring.

- Merbau is very tannin rich and will leak onto whatever is below it causing stains (pavers, concrete, etc). There are different ways to tackle this problem.



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