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How to attach wood to pergola posts?

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How to attach wood to pergola posts?



Hi I was gifted wooden shutters and plan to attach them around the bottom of my pergola to stop my dog jumping into the garden. The dog has hip and back problems so I want him to use steps rather than jumping off sides of deck. What is the best way to attach shutters to posts and together. 
Thanks for your help. 



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Re: How to attach wood to pergola posts?

Afternoon @revird 

Nice idea of reuse :smile: 

A couple of ways come to mind depending on the span between your posts.

If the span is less then the shutters width lying down then you could screw two pieces of timber either side on the inner of the posts and then mount the shutters to them.

Option 1.jpg

Or you could install some rails between the posts and then mount the shutters to them with screws. The rails could be installed at the rear of the posts or front depending on how it looks for your yard.

Option 2.jpg



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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to attach wood to pergola posts?

Hello @revird


Thanks for sharing your question about mounting shutters to your pergola posts. It's great that you've received excellent advice from @Dave-1. I'm placing my vote with option 2, you can place the rails on the ground and line up the shutters over the rails. 


This will give you a very good idea of what it will look like and you can also measure how far the shutters will cover. My only other recommendation is to paint the rails white so that it blends in with your shutters.


Please remember to wear personal protection such as gloves and goggles when working on your project.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.  




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