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How to build a deck from the house to fence?

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How to build a deck from the house to fence?

Looking for some advice on the best way to build a deck out from my new sliding door out to the fence (over the garden bed).

1. What should I use as the anchor point in the garden bed?
2. Can I run a bearer from the house out to this with it supported on top of the sleeper?

3. Do I need to support over the concrete space with things like stirrups?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!






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Re: How to build a deck from the house to fence?

Hi @Bomber25,


That looks like a great spot for a new deck. Our resident DIY expert @EricL will be online later this afternoon to cover off your questions but let me tag our deck-experienced Workshop members @DIY4Knuckleheds@diy_hausdesigns, and @marliemakesit to check on their advice. In the meantime, @Adam_W has written a great how-to article on How to build a low-level deck that is definitely worth a read. 


We would love to see how you go with your deck, keep us updated with your progress along the way. 




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Re: How to build a deck from the house to fence?

Hello @Bomber25 


You're in luck one of our members is currently building something very similar to what you're currently planning. I suggest having a quick look at this discussion - Low-level deck and pergola project by @TimGeo


The deck frame is technically a floating frame and held in place by timber footing concreted into the ground. You can replicate this design and still use timber footing, on the condition that the concrete base is thick enough to be anchored into. I propose having a look at the Pryda Bolt Down Post Anchor.


Unfortunately, sleepers are landscaping products and not made for structural framing, so I don't recommend putting anything on top of it. I suggest having a quick look at the guide mentioned earlier - How to build a low-level deck by @Adam_W. This guide will give you a good idea on how to plan your decking frame.


I also suggest having a look at the Bunnings guide on how to build a deck:



After watching the videos and reading the guides. I recommend doing a basic drawing of a deck frame with pen and paper. This will define the direction of your decking panels and will give you an idea of how much timber you'll need. Once you've finished your drawing, I suggest sharing it with the community and asking questions about your decking plan.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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Re: How to build a deck from the house to fence?

I thought i'd just add a tip to help things along, i'm by no means a professional in the trade, it's all hobby for me!

if you know who laid the exposed aggregate, consider asking them how thick they poured the concrete, alternatively if it was part of the building construction, you might find that information in your house drawings. if it's thick enough to support stirrups or something, great!


the sleeper wouldn't be recommended, for various reasons, firstly it's not even bolted down, and it's not a building material, you would have to remove them for the purpose of building a frame as it would be in the way. in my opinion, I have the same situation as you, a garden bed made with timber sleepers, I plan on removing them when i get around to building the deck


you would have to calculate your footings, but basically it would have to support itself.

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