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How to build a low-level curved composite decking porch?

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How to build a low-level curved composite decking porch?


I am planning to build a porch at my brand new house, but wondering if I have bitten off more than I can chew!


Project: Build a small, low-level front porch deck with a curved edge. Approx 9.8m2 area





 Here’s an older photo, but it shows the space better.





Materials: Composite decking that looks like real timber, preferably with a grain and in a light-mid colour with some warmth. Think oak, teak etc. H3 treated pine sleepers, moistureshield tape, screws, fixings etc.



Liking these colours in the Ekodeck. 


Budget: $2,000


Location: Front door, mostly under roof cover, but about 1/4 of the deck will be exposed to sun/weather for at least part of the day. Facing east. Porch will be nestled between concrete driveway and house, on sand (WA, so good drainage in sandy, coastal area). 


Pressure Points:

1. Finding a suitable decking material in budget. Especially considering the low-lying area and partial exposure to elements. 

2. The curve! I want the deck to step up slightly from the concrete and have a fascia in the same decking material, so this will need to curve. 
3. Building the sub-framework- what materials to use? How to plan the spacing? Adequately attach to house? 

Research: The advice I’ve received so far is that composite decking is the only product I can use at this low level and close to soil with minimal ventilation. Is this accurate?


I have received quotes for composite decking from Ekodeck, NewTech (15mm fascia board) and Eva-Last (12mm fascia board). Ekodeck is the cheapest, but does it have a fascia board? Is this easy to use and would it be suitable?


I was told by a decking supplier that Eva-Last was my only option considering the thin, flexible fascia, which I can curve around the medium radius and curvature of the shape. 


How would you plan the sub-frame for this area? Fix to the house? 


Most importantly- how am I going to do this curve and fascia!? Help!


Thank you so much for reading! Any assistance would be gratefully received!


Capablecapel 😊

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Low-level Curved Composite Decking Porch

Hello @capablecapel 


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's wonderful to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your question about building a low-level deck.


Just to get you started, I suggest having a quick look at these guides - How to build a low-level deck by @Adam_W and How to build a deck by @MitchellMc. These guides should give you very good ideas of what to take into consideration when planning your frame.


I propose building your decking frame independent of the house, in this manner you won't have to worry about anchoring anything to your house walls. I also suggest doing a combination of timber in concrete footing along with pavers and Builders edge pedestals. The concrete footing will keep the frame in place and the pedestals will make it easy to adjust the level of the deck.


Technically advance deck builders have a thermal device that allows them to soften and bend composite decking. The actual process is involved and requires training and experience. 


Would you consider doing shallow angles to create the illusion of a curve? This would be one way to get a semi curved appearance. 


My only other suggestion is to use marine plywood as a curving medium in front of the decking frame. You can then cut the composite decking into squares and placing them in front of the marine plywood. It won't be a smooth curve, but it will give you a curved appearance. 


Here is a link for ideas and inspiration: Inspiring low-level deck builds


Let me call on our experienced members @Adam_W, @Itai, @DIY4Knuckleheds and @MGusto for their recommendations.


If you need further assistance, please let me know.




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Re: How to build a low-level curved composite decking porch?

G'day mate, maybe this video could be of some assistance. It just might you ideas give some ideas.

Good luck 👍

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Re: How to build a low-level curved composite decking porch?

Hey mate. That looks like an awesome idea, and will really pop what you've done there.


Building a curve is relatively easy. You simply lay the panels straight on, and cut the curve after you've laid them all. 


The biggest thing I ca point out, is not  to skimp on the material. If you can, get the right material, even if your budget is higher. The cheap brands can get very hot in the sun and can also become brittle and colour wash.





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