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Inspiring low-level deck builds

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Retired Team Member



A low-level deck can add an attractive feature to your backyard and dramatically increase space for outdoor entertaining and relaxation.


Bunnings Workshop members have built many inspiring low-level decks that have helped transform their homes. However, it is important to note that decks built close to the ground can present significant design and building challenges, such as ventilation, drainage, termites and rotting. Be sure to thoroughly investigate options for your deck and obtain expert advice before you start building.


Check out these low-profile decks built by Bunnings Workshop members and please let us know if you need a hand with your project. 


1. Low-level deck over brick pavers by @hadi 


Labour alone was quoted at $12,000 for this backyard low-level deck project, but using modular decking frames on top of the existing brick pavers saved Workshop member hadi time and money.


deck 1.jpeg


2. Low-level deck over concrete by @Backyardtradie 


Building a 3800 x 3440mm low-level deck on a concrete slab transformed the look of Backyardtradie's outdoor entertaining area.


deck 2.png


3. Low-level Merbau deck over concrete slab by @Neo19 


Workshop member Neo19 built this stunning 350cm x 370cm Merbau deck with picture framing.


deck 3.png


4. Low-profile deck with screening and steps by @MGusto 


Workshop member MGusto's low-level deck build with screening and steps uses a screw pedestal system as bearers due to the uneven base height of the existing concrete path and brick pavers.


deck 4.png


5. Backyard patio makeover by @Chiren_J 


Workshop member Chiren_J built two decks over pavers in this remarkable backyard renovation.


deck 5.png


6. Low-level deck with built-in planter box by @JoeAzza 


A planter box allows rainwater to be soaked up by the soil rather than accumulating below Joe's clever low-level deck.


deck 6.png


7. Backyard covered patio with low-level deck by @tom_builds 


Tom's backyard covered patio with low-level deck provides an outdoor entertaining area that can be enjoyed all-year round.


deck 7.png


8. Low-level hardwood deck built over concrete by @DIYgals 


Lauren and Sarah built a low-level deck over concrete using a durable and termite-resistant hardwood.


deck 8.png


9. Backyard transformation with deck by @LePallet 


Experienced member LePallet transformed a barren backyard into a wonderful outdoor area the whole family can enjoy with decking, raised garden beds, new turf and a play area. A mini-digger was required to dig down to the depth required for the deck framing. 


deck 9.png


10. Low-level deck with picture framing by @Jithesh 


Workshop member Jithesh built this impressive 7m x 4m Merbau deck over a concrete slab in just three weekends.


deck 10.png


11. Backyard makeover with new deck and planter boxes by @maknilsin 


To create an inviting area for outdoor entertaining, Mark added a new deck along with planter boxes and bench seating for less than $2,000.


deck 11.png


12. Low-level deck using recycled timber by @dre13 


By sanding and oiling recycled Merbau boards, Workshop member dre13's deck project only cost $750.


deck 12.png


13. Low-level deck for pool area by @Marty_McFly 


Adding a deck near the pool extended Marty_McFly's small backyard and hid uneven and unsightly concrete underneath.


deck 13.png


14. Low-profile deck over concrete by @Dilanka 


Workshop member Dilanka built a Merbau deck over a concrete slab and paved path to create a wonderful alfresco area.


deck 14.png


15. Backyard renovation with decks and boardwalk by @pete_brig 


Pete extended this outdoor entertaining area with two adjoining decks and a boardwalk and surrounded the space with lush greenery.


deck 15.png


16. Patio extension with low-level deck by @maccifo 


Attaching a low-level deck extension to an existing patio helped to increase the size of Workshop member maccifo's outdoor entertaining area.


deck 16_2.png


17. 15-year-old deck rebuild by @Welding_Virgin 


Workshop member Welding_Virgin rebuilt a 25 square metre deck using Merbau decking, laminated veneer lumber and Pine.


deck 17.png


18. Low-level deck under pergola by @pepsp 


Workshop member pepsp built a Spotted Gum deck under an existing pergola and finished with Feast Watson timber oil.


deck 18.png


19. Side yard makeover with deck and retaining wall by @julzdiy 


A simple deck with retaining wall made Workshop member julzdiy's sloping side yard a fantastic space to entertain friends and family.


deck 19.png


How to build a low-level deck


A low-level deck can pose a range of potential design and installation problems, with particular challenges around ventilation, drainage, termites and rotting. But it doesn't have to be a difficult project once you take the time to understand the basics of how they are put together.


Experienced Bunnings Workshop member Adam Woodhams has created a comprehensive guide to building your own low-level deck which should provide an excellent reference for getting started. 


Adam has also created a full step-by-step guide for how to build a decking boardwalk, complete with video tutorial and a comprehensive list of tools and materials required. 


More inspiration for your deck


Whether you are building a new deck or rejuvenating an existing structure, get inspired by the clever and creative Bunnings Workshop community in our Top 10 most popular deck projects.


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