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How to build a sun lounger?

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How to build a sun lounger?

Hi There


Im looking to build a lounger/bench like this video. 


But without the seperate back piece (all one length flat bench). My novice brain cant work out what I’ll need so I can walk into bunnings with a list and say cut me this.


I have never built anything not kit set before but confident I could do this once I have the right pieces therefore looking for some help to get my list of wood and measurements to take in.


Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: Help! Measure twice cut once - lounger

Hi @awmallery 


Welcome to the community! We are thrilled that you have asked the community this great question. 


Let me tag @Stuardo @JDE and @r23on to see if they have tips with measurements and woodworking. Our resident D.I.Y. pro @EricL will be more than happy to help you out once he comes online. 


Looking forward to seeing photos of your journey and the final product. 







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Re: Help! Measure twice cut once - lounger

The answer is always the same.

You have chosen to do a project and you will be asked the same question do you have a drawing / plan  ie length, width and height. from there you can then select the timber sizes you want. The back rest is the same process and as you progress making the back rest is a bit more work how will i hinge the back rest and the back rest support take a bit of time, BUT you need to do some home work first drawing of each stage brake it down. The internet is full of suggestions and the lounge you are looking at is a common design 

The next question you will be asked do you have tooling to do the project? 

here is a web site the may give you an idea where to go 


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Help! Measure twice cut once - lounger

Hello @awmallery


It's great that you've received sound advice from @r23on. Since you've decided to simplify the project your cut list will actually become shorter. I've tried to find the closest equivalent timber size for your project. You can still follow the video tutorial but you can skip the lounge backrest part. 


Here is the timber list. 


  • 2 x 1730mm x 90mm x 35mm (sides)
  • 4 x 390mm x 90mm x 35mm (centers and ends)
  • 4 x 300mm x 90mm x 35mm (legs)
  • 6 x 1800mm x 90mm x 35mm (top/seat)


Because the timber you're using is 2mm wider, please adjust the gap between the timber seat accordingly. Please note that this timber needs to be painted with a minimum of two coats. I suggest painting the timber before assembly. I recommend using Zenith 10G x 65mm Tufcote® Countersunk Rib Head Treated Pine Screws to hold the timber together. I've made a basic plan for you to have a look at. Please tell me what you think.


If you need more advice or information, please let us know.






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Re: Help! Measure twice cut once - lounger

Thanks so much Eric! That’s incredibly helpful. I appreciate you taking the time :smile: a

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