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How to build shade cover for difficult deck?

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How to build shade cover for difficult deck?

HI, advice needed please: I need shade on my deck which is completely open to the sun all day during summer.


1. the wall-side of the deck has sloping overhanging eave;

2. two sides of the deck have a step up so head clearance becmes an issue.

3. Strata, the perennial bogey-man.

Now, if money was unlimited then these problems can be overcome, sure. I have had 3 professional quotes prepared so far.

Height can be overcome by doing a fly-over and attaching a shade roof under the tiles into the roof. Not costed.

I could install an extendable awning that folded back into itself, but it is not permanent cover, can't tolerate high winds, etc.

The closest one to basic cover was $12K.

Now, I must be really dense because I was thinking of a timber perola frame with the shade panels on top, and we could shape the panels around the steps to give a little extra headroom if needed. I had future visions of adding hanging baskets, even shadecloth bistro blinds to the exposed side. Is that so difficult? 

Apologies for the rough diagram. This was the draft and I re-drew it somewhere ... still very much a work-in-progress, as you can see.


20231022_113743 - Copy.jpg20231022_113812 - Copy.jpg20231022_113823 - Copy.jpg20231022_113849 - Copy.jpg20231022_113856.jpg20231022_122213.jpg

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Help please: Shade cover for difficult deck ...

Hi @hakeae,


It sounds like you've put some good thought into what you'd like to achieve and the obstacles you'll have to overcome. Hanging baskets and shadecloth is not a difficult prospect, and I trust our members would be more than happy to provide advice and guidance.


Strata is likely going to dictate what you can do in this space. Have you approached them with any of your ideas? I think the easiest option would be one large rectangular shade sail with two mounting points on the wall directly under the eave and pitched upward to clear the step to two tall posts located in the garden section.


If you have any particular questions about your project, on how to proceed or other options, I'm sure our members can answer those for you.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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