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How to fill gaps between pavers?

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How to fill gaps between pavers?

Hi everyone,

Hoping someone can help us! We have just had a small 8sqm garden bed paved over in our garden.  100mm of road base was spread and compacted. The pavers were then laid in a french pattern on a sand/cement (mortar) mix. The gap sand used by our paving guy didn't set and basically was hosed away as the gap sizes range from 4mm -15mm. We are pretty disappointed but are now looking for the best solution for filling the gaps. After researching we understand the solution is probably exterior grout - but having difficulty finding the exact one.   Any advice, tips greatly appreciated!!! 



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Re: Help!! Paving gap solutions needed

Hi @AnnaSophia,

I have always used a sand cement mix to grout in the gaps of the pavers, some sites recommend sand only others recommend the sand cement method. See below for sand cement grouting method.




Re: Help!! Paving gap solutions needed

Thanks Carl! That is great to know you have used that method with success! Do you think it will work okay in the larger gaps that are 15mm?

Re: Help!! Paving gap solutions needed

It should do fine as the cement will set, you can always grab a small bag of paver sand and cement first and test it out on the larger gaps before committing to the whole area.

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Help!! Paving gap solutions needed

Hello @AnnaSophia


It's great that you've received excellent advice from @CSParnell. My best advice for your project is to mix the sand and cement really well before you push the mix into the gaps. 




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