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How to fill gaps within decorative privacy screens?

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How to fill gaps within decorative privacy screens?


We installed these matrix decorative privacy screens and they look great!! Only problem is that it only blocks 73% and can still see our neighbours walk by. 
I was wondering if there’s a way to fill in the gaps within the screen with some sort of filler or some other solution? So we can block the gaps. The gaps are about the size of my finger so about 1cms and matrix screens are made of plastic.  Thank you!22A186F9-F3CF-4633-AE0B-A36547762B42.jpeg

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Re: How to fill gaps within decorative privacy screens?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Cat1. It's great to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


You could attach some shade cloth with cable ties over the face of the panel. If you would like to almost completely block the view, I'd recommend the 90 per cent block out variety. I can't imagine being able to fill in the gaps with anything that would look all that aesthetically pleasing.


We do have a range of acrylic sheeting from Suntuf. If you were to remove the matrix screens and install something like Suntuf 900 x 600 x 5mm Grey Acrylic Sheet you could then fix the Matrix screen back over the top. That way the acrylic sheet would block the view but you would also have the great looking pattern of the screens exposed.


Let me mention some helpful members @Stuardo, @JDE, @Brad and @Kermit as they might have some other ideas for you.




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Re: How to fill gaps within decorative privacy screens?

@Cat1 The first thing I thought of is the waterproof shade cloth from Bunnings. There's a charcoal colour and an off-white. They block out plenty of light and the benefit of blocking out the water may come in handy too depending where the panels are fixed in relation to entertaining areas, etc.


You could remove the panels and attach them to some timber to give a contrast/stylistic effect in the gaps - bearing in mind timber needs maintenance (ie. re-oil it every 12 or so months). Or paint the timber to reduce the maintenance, in which case I'd use formply. 


You're obviously not that fussed about losing the decorative panels so you could make the switch to 300mm Colorbond extensions. You could the re-purpose the decorative panels by fixing them to a brick wall or something like that to create a feature elsewhere.



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Re: How to fill gaps within decorative privacy screens?

Thank you both Mitchell and Pete! I’ll look into the shaded cloth option.

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