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How to fix a damaged balcony tile?

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How to fix a damaged balcony tile?


Hi All

Do you have any suggestions on how we can cover or fix this big hole in the balcony tile? I cannot manage to replace the tile.

We replaced the balcony balustrade and five big holes like this are left there. Is there any way to fix it apart from replacing the whole tile?

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Re: How to fix a damaged balcony tile?

Hi @Ngelahi 


Some ideas for you.

- First is to try blend  the repair. Or  create a  cement stand out feature. Previous cementing knowledge will help here. I recently used white cement with bright yellow sand th result looked  very striking  bright yellow mortar. But not for every one,

I see someone partly filled the hole with some thing but that is cracking away from the side with some shrinkage you will need to chip out shrinkage cracks in case the shrink more later. Well the basic concept would be to use (bunnings cement and sand pre mixed Bag 20 kg) and try  mix a little black oxide to try match tile  colour (tricky) then use a steel float to level of the concrete mix (Straddling the hole) at the same time steel float used with swirling motion will cause water to rise and sand to sink a bit giving a smooth shiny cement finish.  Once set  2 daysI would use a fine  paint brush and paint in the nateral stone colour veins with white/ grey paint to mimic nateral stone patterns.  Here less is more dont over paint.



- The second idea is make it a stand out point of intrest and not try blending and use  a  contrasting tile. Goal is not to hide the holes make then interesting.  Or find a tile close colour matching existing tile for a  blend.

Get a contrast tile of your liking  cut it into a square shape is easiest and insert it flush into the post holes. I would use small 100mm angle grinder with stone cutting wheel to  gently clean up ragged hole edges. same cutting wheel  would cut tile to size. glue in with coloured silicon for basic fix, use same coloured silicon  as a grout  between  tiles or tile glue and grout but expense for a small repair. I would slightly over size 1mm all round and gently grind down/smooth tile egdes  cut to fit in hole.   Plan  B here is to simply glue a thin 6mm new feature tile over hole using clear silicon. (fill hole with cement flat first ideally  so if stepped on tile wont break. 


- Third  idea is cover it with pot plants, garden gnomes lol  or other things. Silicon down flat solar lights are cheap  and good range at bunnings may be stand out feature for your balcony and no cement skills required. add more  lights between holes to try balance space out original post holes as you wish. 

Re: How to fix a damaged balcony tile?

Hello @Ngelahi


Welcome to the Bunnings Worskhop community. It's wonderful to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your question about fixing your damaged balcony tile. 


It's great that you've received excellent advice from @Jewelleryrescue. I totally agree with the recommendations they've made. I like the tile patching suggestion and that's to find a tile that is very similar in colour. You can cut a square tile using a DTA Tile Scriber and fit it in using Dunlop 250g White Ready To Go Tile Adhesive And Grout. Using a patch means that the contrast will not be that great and it will to a degree still look like a part of your original tile.


Please keep us updated with your progress, we look forward to seeing your balcony tile repaired.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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