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How to install Bluestone pavers?

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How to install Bluestone pavers?

I would just like to clarify a few things regarding installing my bluestone pavers before I begin.


The first problem I have is do I need to seal the pavers for outdoor use? I intend to use bondcrete (or a more compatible product for natural stone) on the underside and in the mortar mix for maximum adhesion, but I've read that a "picture framing" effect can occur due to moisture being sucked up from the underside of the paver and staining the edges of the top surface, also a white powdering can occur due to minerals being drawn up on to the surface which I would like to avoid


the second problem I have is if I am sealing all 6 sides, will a PVA ptoduct like bondcrete still adhere to the paver? or will it be compromised?


could I please be directed to the most appropriate products and the most compatible for the best result! I want to have long lasting and well looked after pavers!


thanks in advance!

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Bluestone pavers: Sealing prior to installation and glueing to mortar help

Hi @TimGeo,


Being a natural stone, it would be best to seal your Bluestone pavers. I'd recommend a penetrating sealer like Crommelins DiamondCoat Slate And Stone Sealer. It's important to wait until the mortar bed is completely dry before sealing the pavers, and this could take a couple of weeks. You can paint the bottom and edges of the pavers with Bondcrete. Try to avoid an overly wet mortar mix, as the excess water will contribute to mineralisation.


I have found a couple of references to issues with white staining on natural stone from mortar. However, most installation guides don't mention anything and suggest laying straight onto mortar is fine. By sealing the bottom and edges with Bondcrete, hopefully, that will prevent any issues.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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