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How to prepare and paint an old concrete porch?

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How to prepare and paint an old concrete porch?

My house is on a sloping block that (face on) lowers from left to right nd back to front.

The front door opens onto a brick porch with concrete surface

The porch is approximately  1 metre high at the door end and 1.2m high at the other, with 3 steps leading up at the end to the roof of the garage, which used to be a deck but is now just roof.

The porch is approximately 1.5 metres wide by about 4 metres long + about a metre for the steps.


The house is about 55 years old and I believe that the porch is original and the paint on the concrete just as old. - In places there is virtually bare concrete but there are also areas where the paint seems relatively sound.


I don't want to acid etch if I can avoid it but neither do I want to do the job only to have the paint peel later.  However, as I have this mix of painted, reasonably smooth, (though thin) concrete patches with other rough bare concrete I'm not sure what to do.


Should I attempt to etch just the painted parts?

Is there a primer that I could simply put over the whole area?

Is there a coloured sealer that I could put over the whole area?


Any advice as to the best way to go, I would greatly appreciate.



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Community Manager

Re: How to prepare and paint a small & old concrete porch?

Hi again @nonsibicunctis,


Thanks for your patience and apologies for the slow reply. Our resident Bunnings D.I.Y. experts in @EricL and @MitchellMc should be back on the site tomorrow. 


In the meantime, I suggest checking our this previous discussion kicked off by Workshop member @Poppy89 as their porch looks similar - How to renovate this concrete porch?


Mitch recommended priming and painting the porch using Rust-Oleum 3.78L Concrete & Garage Recoat Primer, followed by either Rust-Oleum 3.78L Battleship Grey Concrete And Garage Floor Paint or Rust-Oleum 3.78L Armour Grey Concrete And Garage Floor Paint.




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Re: How to prepare and paint a small & old concrete porch?


Thank you for that information, it sounds to be just what I need.  The only limitation  seems to be the limited colour range.  I was hoping to be able to coat with a Woodland Grey - as in the Colorbond range because it would match the facia and guttering.  However, I guess that one of these Rust-Oleum colours would not be too different and the saving in time and effort for preparation would be good, especially as I'm now 76 and not as fit and lithe as I'd like to be for working on jobs such as this.


So, thank you. I much appreciate your advice.

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Re: How to prepare and paint a small & old concrete porch?

Good afternoon @nonsibicunctis 

I am at the same point with my patio and my patio is about the same age lol... I have been looking into it for the past feww weeks as I have been stripping the patio back of paint as much as possible. Mine is a mixture of yellow and black paint lol

I had to repair the patio first Concrete patio repair and decide on what sort of jhandrails I wanted.

I havnt considered etching the paint, I have water blasted it (It removed a lot of the flaky as my paint)

I have used a wire brush attachment for my power drill and that also worked in removing any small flaky bits that were left. It also left the surface "buffed"

What is left is maybe a 1/3rd of the patio still has paint on it but it is attached like glue.


I have looked into the bunnings recomendations of concrete paint that wont peel so likely (like you I dont want to have it flake again)

There is a three part option that is recomended by Dulux I think. Total cost for 4L is around the $150 mark 

I also went to an industrial paint place and they have various greys that come in 10L (thats the smallest quantity) for around $160. So I could do two coats and be done with it. The Paint apparently will still be ok in the bucket to use up to five years?) 


So time for a little more research. My main want like yours is no more flaky paint :smile: Plus I dont like buying more then I need. Both types of paint have a period of time before you can walk on it solidly. 






Re: How to prepare and paint a small & old concrete porch?

Hi Dave,


Thanks for your info.  It sounds very much as though you have the same sort of issues as do I.


I know of the Dulux option but I think it is over-priced, (as are all their paints), and I don't want to support companies that charge excessively.


Unlike yourself, I often choose to buy more than I need, both to ensure that I have enough for multiple coats and to allow for touch ups later on.  As well as that, I object to paying n x more for 1 litre than i do for 4 litres or 10litres.  The cost of small quantities is blatant profiteering.


I did find a coloured concrete sealer at Australian Paints Online that, as long as the surface is clean and there is no flaking, they say is self-priming and can be painted direct. It is made by Omega Paints and seems good value for money and a reputable manufacturer.


However, where I can, I prefer to buy locally, though I suppose in Bunnings case it is debatable to what extent local benefit accrues.  Unfortunately, in Toowoomba we have little option, now that small hardware stores and their service are gone and almost everything is sold pre-packaged at ridiculous prices.  I have used Mitre 10 occasionally but their prices are almost always excessive and their range limited.


So, after pressure spraying and cleaning using 30 second cleaner, I will probably go with a last wash and stiff brush and then take the Rust-Oleum option.  I'm just not sure whether I actually need to bother with their primer/etcher or just go straight to a top-coat.  So - as you say - still more investigation but I have to admit my head is fairly exploding with options now and I think becoming cloudier rather than clearer.


... oh for the wealth to be able to call someone to do and guarantee the job - then I could go back to sleep or take my dog for a walk ...


Wish you the best with your job and thanks again for bothering to help me out.


Take care. Stay safe.


Re: How to prepare and paint a small & old concrete porch?

Hi Roger @nonsibicunctis,


It basically comes down to you having degraded paint on the surface. Apart from the Rustoleum, including their re-coat primer, I'm unaware of any other paints that can be warranted over a compromised or deteriorated surface. Using the re-coat primer is important as it's designed for coating over degraded surfaces. If you didn't use the primer, their topcoat is the same as any other manufacturer and not designed to adhere to deteriorated surfaces. If you speak with most manufacturers, they'll suggest you need to coat over a sound previously painted surface or if the existing coating is degraded, remove it completely.


If you can live with the Rustoleum Battleship/Armour grey, I'd recommend going that route.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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Re: How to prepare and paint a small & old concrete porch?

Thank you, Mitchell, that is what I've decided.  In fact, I just got back from buying the paint at Bunnings West.  I do appreciate your concise and clear reasoning and advice.  Take care. Stay safe. r.

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Re: How to prepare and paint a small & old concrete porch?

I've just completed the job using the Rustoleum products suggested by Mitchell and Jason but wish to thank all who responded for your comments and suggestions.  I appreciate all the input made.


Attached are a couple of before and after photos.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to take photos after the primer stage and now regret that because it was much darker in colour and, in fact, I was pleasantly surprised and would have preferred the finishing coat to be darker.  It certainly doesn't correspond with the label on the tin but I guess that's always a potential problem with colour printing.


I found the process fairly straightforward and the primer and paint both fairly readily applied, though the usage per m2 seemed higher than I would have expected, perhaps because of the state of a lot of the concrete.  That may also explain why there are 'shadow' patches in places where the concrete was most worn.  One coat is certainly not really sufficient there but as I am also building a fence for safety against the drop, I will probably wait until that's finished and then recoat just the worst patches and fix up any accidental marks or whatever from the fence construction at the same time.


The job is reasonable, I think, for an absolute amateur with no trade skills or experience.  At the same time, I wouldn't take offence or be surprised if anyone scoffed at or derided it - I claim no expertise but my very limited resources mean that I have to do 'as needs want' or whatever that old adage is.


When the fence is done, I'll add some more photos, in case anyone is interested.


Thanks again for all the help.


As it wasAs it wasIMG_1020.jpegAs it is now ...As it is now ...

Re: How to prepare and paint a small & old concrete porch?

Hello @nonsibicunctis 


Thank you very much for your update, your newly painted concrete porch looks excellent. As far as first attempts go your paint job looks very good. 


We look forward to seeing the next part of your project.




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Re: How to prepare and paint a small & old concrete porch?

Morning @nonsibicunctis 

:smile: Id be very happy with that! Wierdest thing is its the same colour as my patio taht I just painted! lol Do you walk out on it and stand there and just "nod your head"? :smile: Looks good and lifts the area into being cared for again :smile:



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