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How to repair loose pool pavers?

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How to repair loose pool pavers?

I have an old concrete pool with exposed agg bullnose pavers that have come loose.


what is the best adhesive to use?



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Re: PoolEdge Pavers come loose

Hi @kieranhooper 

With out knowing  more specifics  the following sika  product is purpose built for salt or freshwater environments

Bunnings Sika 150ml White Sikaflex-291 Marine Adhesive Sealant I/N: 1210592 $19.80

Basically apply a  reasonable amount to the under paver  where it touches the substrate underneath. There may be hollows  and that's why they moved.


Plan B is  lift the  tiles up scrape them clean of old  cement or glue and  off the substrate too  and re glue them with tile glue for use around wet areas or  pools.

Don't  use liquid nails as it fails  after 2 years outdoor. 

Re: PoolEdge Pavers come loose

Hello @kieranhooper


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's fantastic to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your question about your pool edge pavers.


It's great that you've received excellent advice from @Jewelleryrescue. Their suggestion is spot on, I recommend lifting the tile and removing as much of the old adhesive that was attached to it. I propose using the Craftright 2 Piece Cold Chisel Set to chip away the old glue. Please do not use excessive force or you might damage the tile. I recommend using Davco 20kg SMP Evo Tile Adhesive, it has a very high bond strength and is suitable for swimming pools.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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Re: PoolEdge Pavers come loose

Thank you

Re: PoolEdge Pavers come loose

I’ve just seen this review on the Davco product!  Now I’m not so sure again!


Re: PoolEdge Pavers come loose

Hi @kieranhooper 

Hay Merry Xmas  bye the way.

The  1 star reporter Bruce may not  have not have cleaned off the old loose morter and or glue off or  some other condition davco didnt take into account.    The new glue stuck to  old glue remaining but stopped sticking when  the sames old glue failed once more coming away from the pave underside and pool area.  . I totally feel for Bruce I do because we all being there and done that,  Thats  why you are her to get the best advise to try not suffer Bruces fate so thank you for allowing the Workshop to address your concerns.


Can  we please see one of you under tiles lifted and place next to where it was situated and do a photo in good light to try give the best advice thank you in advance as you wish does the   old glue crumble easy?  Can you get back to original clean  tile.?


1) The single most important thing to do is  lifting the tile and removing as much of the old adhesive that was attached to it. Rub it with you gloved hand if more  comes away keep  cleaning.


2) Two looking at Bruces photo as it is small it looks  like the glue had a very  good surface contact area better that a lot of Pro tiles achieve,  But I am looking at his  tlles and they seamed alms pre sealed  (Travertine is highly porous and really needs sealing)  which may resist dirt mold stains and in that way the new tile adhesive)   Your  pavers are cement based pebblecreat and wont need sealing all the way through.


3) I am pretty sure most of the reviews  where good?   Daveco usualy puts out a pretty robust product.


4) It is ok to loose faith in a product I sure shop around for the best cost effective  long term solution.  Mabye  review  plan B product as a back up idea.







Re: PoolEdge Pavers come loose

@kieranhooper, I’ll ask my builder what he’s going to use he was dead set in one particular product he mentioned 

Re: PoolEdge Pavers come loose

Thank you, @kieranhooper

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