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How to resurface Pebblecrete driveway?

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How to resurface Pebblecrete driveway?

Hi guys, 

I have been trolling the sites looking for advice on resurfacing 83sqm my Pebble Crete driveway- Sloped and found one thread on in this site from 4 years ago that looked pretty good. Mega deal was suggested but it is no longer on your website. 
I’ve had quotes to get this done, starting at $6000 and going up to $13000. I want to do this my self as I’m tapped out after long drawn out Reno’s.

This driveway becomes slippery under foot in the wet and I’ve had a few people take a tumble to I want to fix it. 
im happy to go into store tonight and buy what I need from start to finish but the ts conflicting info compared to where you look. 

COVER the aggregate driveway and seal with a slate GREY fleck with a non slip finish. I know preparation is the key. 
it’s the bonding /sealing and mixing with non slip and colour where I’m confused. 

Can someone explain it to me like a 5 year old?  . This is what I have so far: as u can see, I need a lot of advice. 

  •  Use a pressure washer and concrete cleaner to thoroughly clean the damaged area. Remove dirt, debris, and loose concrete.
  • Fill any cracks or gaps with concrete mix or sealer





Just Starting Out

Re: pebblecrete / aggregate / stone driveway resurafce

Whoa whoa whoa! Settle down guys, I’m becoming overwhelmed by the amount of messages. 

I found the answers, I need to trowel creed the entire driveway first. Then go from there. I’ll be using the super expensive dulux visit range to seal , colour and add non slip. 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: pebblecrete / aggregate / stone driveway resurafce

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @azzbot


I apologise for the delay in my reply. You'll find the lack of response from our members is due to the issue with products bonding to your aggregate and epoxy surface. Pebblecrete uses epoxy, which is plastic, to bind the material. Plastic is horrendously hard for products to bond to. Not only that, but during the lifetime of Pebblecrete, the epoxy degrades through wear and sun damage and becomes compromised, starting to release the pebbles. Given this, there are no products I am aware of that will warrant or recommend their product over Pebblecrete. All of the manufacturers of screeding products that I am aware of recommend grinding the Pebblecrete off entirely. I've had this discussion with them on many occasions.


I'm sorry that I can't recommend a product; there are just too many variables involved to suggest something that would both provide you with a warranty and work.


Let me tag a few of our helpful members @Dave-1, @Nailbag and @DIYGnome for their thoughts.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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Re: How to resurface Pebblecrete driveway?

Morning @azzbot 

I have not resurfaced a pebblecreate driveway, tho years ago I did a small patch (decade and a half) on a patio. On my cocncrete drieway it was starting to get slippery when it started to rain untill I pressure washed it back to the dull grey concrete just by chance for another job. I still have to do the lower part of the driveway but the slippery part is gone. 


It made me think that instead of resurfacing the whole driveway have you you noticed a better grip since you power washed it?  If so I wonder if you went down the path of repair the damaged sections (cant see any real bad ones from your photos) and then use a clear grip compound of some kind?



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Re: How to resurface Pebblecrete driveway?

Sorry @azzbot I have no experience in this type of project to advise.


Regards, Nailbag

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