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Inspiration for a pool in narrow space

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Inspiration for a pool in narrow space

Hi gang

Looking for some feedback from people who have installed a pool in a narrow space. We have 4.3 meters between the fence and the house (approx 10 meters length to play with).


Reading online it seems the pool needs to be at least 1000mm off the fence line and similar off the house leaving approx 2m for width of pool.


This does seem very narrow to me.  Has anyone put in a pool in a similar space? If so any advice, information etc would be appreciated. 


I'm leaning towards the space just isn't big enough, but on the other hand I would love for the kids to have a pool. 



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Inspiration for a pool in narrow space

Hi @tony1982,


It sounds like a fairly limited space you have to work within there. However, I suspect there are likely quite a few options available to you, most utilising prefabricated fibreglass lap pools. I'd imagine a fibreglass option would allow you to push the limits on how close you could build to the fence and house. If Google is anything to go off, then it suggests that lap pools can be built very close to houses and fences.


Let me mention @ProjectPete, as I know he's been involved with a few installations of pools in limited spaces. Some examples are found in his discussions on Poolside composite deckingPoolside fence makeover and Feature fences. Also, here's our Best Advice on What should I ask when shopping for a new pool?


If you decide that an in-ground pool will not work for you, consider one of our above ground pools. There are a variety of rectangular shaped pools which include sand filters that would be perfect for your space.


I'll be keen to hear what experiences our helpful members have had.




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Re: Inspiration for a pool in narrow space

We install glass pool fences; we did a job a few years ago that was a lap pool that had a long thin segment, probably thinner than you're proposing, and then it wrapped around the back of the house as well and opened up a bit, sort of an L shape if that makes sense. One thing to consider is the smell from the pool. The smell will blow into the house if there are any windows there.


- Dan


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