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Is the above ground pool making a comeback?

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Is the above ground pool making a comeback?

Apparently architects are increasingly including above-ground pools in high-end properties. 


From this article on design trends for 2018 -


"Visit a recently-built city house in the $3 million-plus range and you will likely find an above-ground swimming pool that appears more decorative than practical.

Often not much larger than an inflatable model, these pools are mainly designed to provide a view of water from a home’s kitchen or living area. While some are capable of swimming laps in, others are only waist-deep and are better enjoyed by children (or adults with a cocktail in hand).

In Australia, this style of pool is most popular in Melbourne where block sizes are tight, land is expensive and year-round outdoor swimming is not an option."


I think the article misses what could be the main reason for going above-ground - that its a way of getting around stringent pool fencing rules. 


But I don't really like the idea. There was an example on last year's season of The Block. They seem obtrusive and you end of looking at a wall rather than nice water. 

Amassing an Audience

Re: Is the above ground pool making a comeback?

We had something like this as a kid. Pretty daggy these days!



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