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Low deck over a concrete slab (mostly)

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Low deck over a concrete slab (mostly)

Hello Workshop community, (first post,great resource) happy new year.

And with it another project...

I am wanting to deck the side area of the house as pictured, it is a low step 160mm, but the decking board will sit under the slider frame (replacing the tiles) so there is about 20mm additional height, will easily accommodate a 140 x 45mm ledger board (if that is what I go with).

@Neo19 used L Brackets for joist support (which would work great on the slab) but will not work over the shingled section of the area, would have to go with posts I guess or a combination.

Really, my main concern is securing a ledger board to the brickwork, it seems the logical solution to span that 5600mm edge along the house.

Points of concern:

The necessity of spacing of the board to brick


Termites etc, never had them on the property, we have existing "bridges" attached to the house.


Hardware: Ankascrews or Dynabolts??

I would prefer a flush finish on the board (Can countersink if necessary)



The design below is almost exactly what I want to do

Except I would construct 4 individual frames


So i have some decisions to make, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading and taking the time everyone.




Rear Deck.jpg


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Community Manager

Re: Low deck over a concrete slab (mostly)

Great project @Brendon_B, we are looking forward to seeing progress. 


As @BIM_Engineer is no longer a member of the Workshop community, let me tag some other helpful members who might like to share their thoughts. 








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Re: Low deck over a concrete slab (mostly)

Looking forward to seeing this one @Brendon_B 


140x45 ledger attached to brickwork. Make sure your anchors are galvanised and remember the spacing. They don't need to finish flush/countersink as they'll be covered by the decking boards. What's your concern about the necessity of the spacing?


You shouldn't have to worry about termites as H3 treated pine (ledgers/joists) are treated for termites.


  • Timber or composite?
  • Which direction are you running the decking boards?
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