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Pathway on top of soil

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Pathway on top of soil



I am new here looking for your expert. 

My current project is turning yellow backyard into green (lawn) with additional pathway. 

As backyard has a slope from front to back as well as from left fence to right fence, I had to put top soil (so far nearly 10m^3) across backyard to make it as flat as possible. 

However, with current fence slope, I cannot put more of soil along the fences, resulting into the image below. 


At the moment, I am thinking of putting gravel path after compacting the top soil using tamper along the pathway only (please advise if there is better way to compact the soil). My concern is that since the top soil is pretty new and neighbouring soil in slope is not compacted much (as only light consolidation of soil is required for laying turf), I am not sure pathway edging may remain stable. At the moment, I am considering using steel garden edging (like Formboss).

Any advice is much appreciated. 






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Re: Pathway on top of soil

Hi @dogbural,


Welcome to the Workshop community and apologies for the slow reply. 


Not sure how important having a flat backyard is to you, but just wondering if you have considered a small retaining wall so you could have a completely level yard?


Helpful community members like @Adam_W and @ProjectPete might also like to share their suggestions. 


Please feel free to post anytime you need a hand or some inspiration for a project around the house and garden. 


Many thanks,




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Re: Pathway on top of soil

I like @Jason retaining wall idea.


Either way, solid foundation for the retaining wall or simply your path is going to be important in structural integrity of the edging meeting the topsoil. I'd personally run a 300x300mm concrete footing the length of the pathway. I would've thought the Formboss garden edging, if installed underground would deteriorate over time - but I haven't looked at the material.

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