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Low-level composite deck

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Low-level composite deck


I am planning on putting a low level composite deck on my alfresco.  I have attached some photos of the alfresco where I plan to put the decking. 


I plan to build it on top of the concrete and apron, and part of the deck would also be on the soil at the side of the house.  Please see the last photo/drawing of where I plan the deck to be (second to last photo is a render of the alfresco area without deck)



1. In the first photo below, there is an opening/pipe/drain on the concrete apron.  Can I build the deck over this?  Is there going to be a problem?

2. On the third photo, you can see the part that has no concrete, what can I put here to support the deck? Can I use pavers and try to level it with the concrete apron?

3. I've read a lot of discussions on raising the joists from the concrete.  The height of the internal floor from the alfresco floor is 140mm.  If I use 90x45 TP + 23mm deck (Ekodeck) that leaves me with 27mm gap.  Can I use angle brackets to raise the joists to ~27mm?


Thanks you in advance to those who will respond!




Alfresco_3.jpgTop View.jpgTop View Plan.jpg

Re: Low Level Deck Advice and Suggestions Pls

hey @yeahboo , I used, it's a good tool and free.

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